Pennsylvania: 1889 – The “Five Brothers” Family Reunion and Photograph


Family Reunion / A very pleasant family reunion took place at the home of Sylvester McAninch,

of Knox township, on Monday the 9th inst. Five brothers, the only survivors of a family of twelve

Children (eleven sons and one daughter) came together for the first time in many years. They are

William L., of Belleview; George, of Clover township; Samuel, of Franklin, Venango County;

Louis, of Eastern Kansas, and Sylvester, of Knox. The wives of two of them were present; also

four of their sons with their wives and some of their children, viz: George R., of Clover; Henry,

of Knox, and Coonrod [?, sic], of Carmen, Elk County. A sumptuous dinner was prepared to which

all did ample justice, after which a short address was made and prayer offered by Rev. A. L. Brand,

and a quartette sang “God be with you till we meet again,” Miss Ada McAninch presiding at the

organ. The brothers repaired to Brookville where they sat for a photograph, a copy of which each

one will cherish as a valued memento of a happy occasion.

Jeffersonian-Democrat newspaper, Brookville, September 11, 1889

Found by Linda Stitt, Fairmount City (Clarion County), Pennsylvania, descendent of Sylvester McA.


The “Five Brothers” Photograph, 1889



[horizontal fold and small tears are still visible in the scanned image]


Copies of the photograph came from Linda Stitt, and from Judith Gaby, Rio Ranchito, New Mexico,

another descendent of Sylvester J. ‘Squire’ McAninch. Although mentioned in the article, the picture

was not published in the newspaper, and the photographer in Brookville is not known. At that time,

the ages of the five men were -- Sylvester, 61; Louis, 67; George, 74; William, 76; and Samuel, 77.


There is no known, written identification of the five men in the picture. Both Linda and Judy think

that Sylvester is the man standing on the right hand side, as you look at the picture. At one time,

Judy thought that George was the man seated in the middle of the front row. Looking at the faces

and the way they were dressed, Linda has speculated that William, second oldest, might be standing with

Sylvester. And, if the photograph was taken before the article was written, the list of the five names

in the article could have been taken from the photograph, which might mean that William, George,

and Samuel were in the front row, left-to-right, and that Louis (Lewis?) and Sylvester were in the

back row, left-to-right? Does anyone else have other pictures of any of these men, for comparison?


Pennsylvania: 1904: Methodist Episcopal Church, Oak Ridge, Armstrong County --


Deed: Horace A. & Frances Noble, John R. Williams, Robert H. & Elizabeth W. Williams,

Joseph W. & Mary G. Noble, on 10 Dec. 1904, sold to Ervin F. Dempsey, Wilmer S. Hetrick,

John Kochems, Alvin H. McAninch, Amos S. Hiles, Handergrift D. Lankerd, and Clinton S. Davis

in trust for the Methodist Episcopal Church, about 1/4 Acre of land, for $1.00, property located in

Oak Ridge, along the Oak Ridge & Putneyville Road. With the mergers over the years this would be

the United Methodist Church today [2002].


Source: Armstrong County Deed Book 123, pg. 261; cited in Quarterly magazine, Fall 2002, pg. 16;

pub. by Armstrong County Genealogy Club, 300 North McKean St., Kittanning, Pennsylvania 16201.



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