Iowa: 1871 Patrick Cemetery, Ringgold County


The cemetery marker for Homer and Dewey McAninch



has been found and photographed [1]. There are two copies

  Homer C

Dewy D

of a twig-and-three-leaves design in circular areas at the



top of the stone, and the upper-right corner has cracked off.

Oct 1 1875 [?3]

Sep 30 1871[?4]




Rosalie also said I suspected that Homer was the son

  2y 8m 6d

1y 6m 10d

of William S. McAninch, but had no proof of this before,

  Children of


and There are no other McAninch's on the 1981 listing [2]

  W.S. & M. M. McAninch.


[1] Personal survey, and pictures, May 2004, by Rosalie Eben Schack, CGRS, Owatonna, Minnesota.

[2] Recorded for Ringgold County Historical Society ... in 1981 [see MFHN Jan. 1999 pg.1999-02]

[3] [4] Enhanced digital image (original photograph by Rosalie Schack; mapped to black-and-white,

electronic magnification, some noise-reduction / sharpening /Frank McAninch) Close-Up-40-BW.jpg

[?3] Homer died 1875 [2], also read as 1873, but, enhanced digital image suggests that Homer

died 1874 (short riser from the left end of cross-bar in the last digit, doesn't look like a '3' or a 5)

[?4] Dewy died 1871 [2], also read as 1874, but, it actually looks like 187L on the enhanced

digital image (which makes no sense as a date, of course, unless Dewy actually died in 1870)


Iowa: 1895 State Census, Brooklyn, Poweshiek County --



Page, Line; Name

Age / Sex . . . Birthplace

F / M [1], Occ., Religion

35 20

McAninch, Wesley

45 M W M b.Penn.

N N R.R. Employee M.E.

35 21

McAninch, Rebecca

45 F W M b.Ohio

N N ______ M.E. [2]

42 8

McAninch, David F.

37 M W M b.Ohio

N N [Teamster]

42 9

McAninch, Emma R.

28 F W M b.Iowa, Pow.

N N ____ United Breth.

42 10

McAninch, Dolly

10 F W S b.Iowa, Pow.

N N ____ United Breth.

42 11

McAninch, John E.

8 M W S b.Iowa, Pow.

N N ____ United Breth.

42 12

McAninch, Cecil S.

7 M W S b.Iowa, Pow.

N N ____ United Breth.

49b 13

McAninch, Sam

36 M W M b.Ohio

N N ______ M.E.

49b 14

McAninch, Anetta

31 F W M b.Illinois

N N ______ M.E.

49b 15

McAninch, Pearl R.

6 F W S b.Iowa, Scott

F F [sic] __ M.E.

50 20

McAninch, Andrew M.

31 M W M b.Ohio

N N Teamster M.E.

50 21

McAninch, Sarah D.

23 F W M b.Iowa, Pow.

N N ______ M.E.

50 22

McAninch, Elmer

8 M W S b.Iowa, Pow.

N N ______ M.E.

50 23

McAninch, Hazel

3 F W S b.Iowa, Pow.

N N ______ M.E.

50 24

McAninch, Charles O.

21 M W M b.Iowa, Pow.

N N Teamster M.E.

50 25

McAninch, Lucy A

27 F W M b.Iowa, Pow.

F N ______ M.E.

50 30

McAninch, Charles D. L.

__ M W S b.Iowa, Pow.

N N ______ M.E.


[1] Father, Mother: Native-born N or Foreign-born F

[2] Methodist Episcopal

Source: 1895 State Census of Iowa, Poweshiek County, Bear Creek Township, Brooklyn Town;

Enumerator: Jas W Ballantyne; Enumeration Date: 5 June 1895 ; LDS Microfilm 1,022,175

USGenWeb online

Transcribed by Thomas E. Dryden for the IAGenWeb State Census Project, Copyright (c) 2004



McAninch Family History NL, v.XII.n.4  October 2004  Copyright Frank McAninch  page 2004-27


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