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Iowa: 1885 State Census; partial returns, only a few counties have been transcribed

[Adair, Audubon, Adams, Buena Vista, Carroll, Calhoun, Clarke, …]






Subject to Military Duty,

Audubon County; Exira, Exira Township


Entitled to Vote:   X  X

25/26: line 1.

McAninch, James F.

38, Mar.


f.b.KY, m.b.KY   X  X

25/26: line 2.

McAninch, Anna I.

29, Mar.

b.Clayton Co

f.b.OH, m.b.NJ

25/26: line 3.

McAninch, Florence M.

  1,  S

b.Audubon Co.

f.b.IL,  m.b.IA


Twp. 78, Range 35, Section 1 & 2, Block 12; LDS Film 1,021,320; Vol: 145, pg.143






Clarke County, Liberty, Liberty Township



139/138: 13.

McAninch, Phoebe

28, Mar.

b.Cedar Co.

f.b._, m.b._

139/138: 14.

McAninch, James H.

  5,  S

b.Clarke Co.

f.b._, m.b._

139/138: 15.

McAninch, Ray E.

  4,  S

b.Clarke Co.

f.b._, m.b._

139/138: 16.

McAninch, Earnest

  2,  S

b.Clarke Co.

f.b._, m.b._

139/138: 17.

McAninch, Ira P.

  1,  S

b.Clarke Co.

f.b._, m.b._


Twp. 73, Range 24, Section 33, part SE SW; LDS Film 1,021,453; Vol: 164, pg.241






Iowa Research by Lorna Gilbert, Houston, Texas [waiting for Hardin, Jackson, and Sioux Counties]


These are both ‘Kentucky’ lines: James F. McAninch, b. 21 April 1846, Carrollton, Greene County,

Illinois, son of Jesse and Jane D. (Staats) McAninch, grand-son of William McAninch, Kentucky

pioneer, who died 1813, Casey County, Kentucky. Married Anna I. Davis, 3 Nov, 1878, Exira,

Audubon County, Iowa. Two children, Florence, born ca. 1884, and Lee / C. Lee, born after 1885.


The Phoebe story starts with Samuel James McAninch, born 15 Nov. 1829, Casey County, Kentucky,

son of Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch, and grand-son of Kentucky pioneer Daniel McAninch.

This Samuel went to Iowa before 1850, enumerated “Samuel McAninch, 21, Carpenter, b.Kentucky”

with the family of John Ellyson, Iowa Township, Cedar County, Iowa,, pg. 88. Samuel James, also

known as James W., married Mary Jane Baker, 19 Dec. 1850, Cedar County (her surname has also

been reported as Lewis); they had four children: (James) Ira, John S., Elizabeth, and Alma McAninch.


(James) Ira McAninch, born 12 Oct. 1851, Cedar County, married Phebe Michener Walter, 28 Jan.

1879, Cedar County, and they had eight children, including the first four listed with Phoebe in 1885.

Apparently they moved around a lot; in 1887 he buys 122 acres in Clarke County, in 1900 census they

are in Humboldt County, Iowa, and then in the 1920 census they have moved south to Tonkawa, Kay

County, Oklahoma, where many of his descendants still live today. Ira died 15 May 1921, and is buried

in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. It is not known where he was at the time of the 1885 Iowa state census



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