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McAninch Family History Newsletter

Volume XII, Number 2, April 30, 2004.


A clearing house for McAninch and related surnames [McAninch, McIninch, McNinch (-sh)].

Published Quarterly since 1993.              Articles solicited, and Queries accepted.




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Miscellaneous info, Queries, and Nuggets from recent correspondence

page 2004-10

[alphabetically, by state: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan,


 Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Ulster Province, (northern) Ireland]



The Editor’s Corner


Unfortunately, I have had no time to do any new research recently, so this is a short and eclectic issue.


Grand-daughter in Arizona: Emily Marie McAninch [7 lbs 12 oz., 20.5 in.] was born at 10:15 pm,

Thursday, 5 Feb. 2004, Sierra Vista Regional Health Center, Sierra Vista, Cochise County, Arizona,

daughter of Kevin (Capt., U. S. Army) and Chely (CW3, U. S. Army), now at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.


Indiana: My “(Old) Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Franklin Township, Hendricks County” research report

[MFHN v.XI n.3 pg.2003-18; http://www.mcaninch.net/genphcem] has been ‘linked’ in two places --

1. USGenWeb Hendricks County site, http://www.rootsweb.com/~inhendri/lookups.htm#cemeteries

2. Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, Nov. 10, 2003, Vol. 8 No. 45, http://www.eogn.com


My Family: This has been a tough year, and it has been hard to prepare this edition of the Newsletter.

My mother, (Elizabeth Louise) Betty (Stewart) McAninch, passed away in January, at age 90, after a

few years of cardiac trouble with one of her heart valves. Sadly, my dad, now age 93, has gone into a

nursing home, with diminished mental capacity, after a head injury in a fall (he is hard-of-hearing, and

can no longer recognize friends, neighbors, or family who visit him). And, my wife Jan is home with

a broken leg, now in a ‘boot cast’ for 2 or 3 more months. Tempus fugit, as my mom would have said.


15th Century: On many of the old fifteenth-century navigational charts, beyond the realm of flatness,

out past the edge of the known world, and then over the giant waterfall at the end of the flat earth, the

cartographers would sometimes write: “Beyond Here There Be Dragons”


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