William McAninch, born 1770-1775 (location unknown); wife Margaret (maiden name unknown);

29 Nov. 1796, “land situate north west of Allegheny River”, from Archibald McCall, surveyed 1806

(40 acres, neighbors Joseph Cogley and James Sloan Esq.) [land survey, MFHN v.VIII n.3 p.2000-21];

only one known child, male, born 1810-1820 (under 10 in 1820 census; not on 1830 census); William

died ca. 1836; his widow Margaret, administratrix, petition to court, 19 Dec. 1836, sold land 11 Feb.

1837, final report to the court on 14 Nov. 1837 [MFHN v.V n.1 p.1997-07].


William McAninch, ‘younger’ [‘younger’ of the two William McAninchs, but not ‘Jr.’, not ‘son of’);

born ca. 1783, Pennsylvania; believed to be the oldest child of John McAninch, Armstrong County

pioneer; William married Isabel Hopkins, ca. 1803, Armstrong or Westmoreland county; 1806,

“McAninch-Hopkins” 40‑1/2 acres, “surveyed by Ross, deputy surveyor, to William McAnninch [sic],

February 11, 1806, and thereafter assessed to Matthew Hopkins until 1816” [History of Armstrong

County, Robert Walter Smith, Esq., 1883, p.460]; 1810 Census, Buffalo Township, and 1820 Census,

Toby Township, Armstrong County; then moved to Jefferson County in the early 1820’s.


So, who is this David McNinch? And why is John McA/Ninch not on this 1807 list, even though we

know that he was in Armstrong County at that time? Could “David” be a transcription error of “John”?


Pennsylvania: 1810 Census, Armstrong County


There are records of three McA/Ninch families in the 1810 census, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

[Note: Henry McAninch, his wife Mary, and their three daughters have already gone to Ohio] --


Archibald McNinch – “McIninch, Archibald  2 0 0 1 1 - 0 0 1 0 1”, Sugar Creek Township; six

people in this household; meaning of the non-zero numbers in this census record: two males, under 10

(sons?, b.1800-1810); one male, 26-45 (b.1765-1784) [could this be an older son? David McNinch?

William?]; one male, 45 & over (b.bef.1785, Archibald himself); one female, 16-26 (b.1786-1796;

daughter? wife of an older son?); and one female, 45 & over (b.bef.1765; presumably Archibald's

wife, name unknown) [1810 Census, Armstrong County; NARA M252 Roll 44 pg.394]


John McAninch – “John McIninch  1 1 0 0 1 - 1 1 2 1 0”, Buffalo Township; eight people in this

household: 1 male, under 10 (Henry, b.16 Feb. 1802); 1 male, 10-16 (son, b.est.1794-1800); one male,

45 & over (John, b.bef.1765); one female, under 10 (poss. Elizabeth, b.1803-1804); one female, 10-16

(dau, b.1794-1800); two females, 16-26 (2 dau, b.1784-1794; poss. Rachel, b.1788-1790); one female,

26-45 (wife? b.1765-1785) [1810 Census, Armstrong County ; NARA M252 Roll 44 pg.387 line 15]


William [‘younger’] and Isabel (Hopkins) McAninch – “William McIninch  2 0 0 1 0 - 1 1 0 0 0”,

Buffalo Township; five people in this household: two males, under 10 (John A., b.1806-1807; Elisha

H., b.1807-1808); 1 male, 26-45 (William, b.ca.1783); daughter, under 10 (Mary ‘Polly’, b.ca.1803);

one female, 10-16 (daughter, not wife?) [known: his wife Isabel, b.1783-1785, died 1864, was alive in

1810; so, assume mistake on census transcription (1810? or 1996?), and wife Isabel should be counted

in the next column, 16-26] [1810 Census, Armstrong County ; NARA M252 Roll 44 pg.390 line 2]


But, William [‘elder’] McAninch – not found in 1810 census records (?)


McAninch Family History NL, v.XI.n.4   October 2003   Copyright Frank McAninch   page 2003-31


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