Ohio: 1877, Wyandot County -- “McAninch G A, res e s 8th s Crawford”; same (George)

Alexander McAninch, in the “Upper Sandusky” section of the Wyandot County Directory 1877,

reprinted by the Wyandot County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 1987, pg. 114.


Ohio: 1880, Wyandot County -- “McNinch [sic], John, [age] 83”, and “McNinch, Elizabeth,

[age] 74”; Richland Township, Wyandot County, in the “List of Persons 60 Years or Older Extracted

from the 1880 Census by the Daily Chief Newspaper”, 1880 Wyandot County Federal Census Index,

by Wyandot County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, 1987, pg. 64.


Pennsylvania: 1807, Armstrong County, Assessment List of 1807

The Armstrong County Assessment List of 1807 was published in 1891 in the book

Biographical And Historical Cyclopedia Of Indiana And Armstrong Counties, Pennsylvania,

pub. John M. Gresham & Co., managed by Samuel T. Wiley, Historian and Editor, Nos. 1218-1220

Filbert Street, Philadelphia, 1891, pp 309-315. These lists have been transcribed by Shirley Pierce and

posted on the Armstrong County site, http://www.pa-roots.com/~armstrong/data/taxables1807.html


“The following person were principally Landowners [in] Sugar Creek Township”

“… David McNinch, Henry McNinch, Arch. McNinch, William McNinch … William McNinch, Jr.”

[and] “The following person were chiefly landowners In Buffalo Township”

“… Henry McEnich [sic], Archibald McEnich, William McEnich … William McEnnich …”   

This “Armstrong County Assessment List of 1807” was found by Lorna Gilbert, Houston, Texas.


Analysis: It is my belief that there are only five different people here --


Archibald McNinch, born1765-1775, Pennsylvania; 1794, Westmoreland Rangers; 1808 Tax List,

Toby Township, Armstrong County: “McEnineh, Archible  I 150A” [“Improved” land, 150 acres];

1810 census, Sugar Creek Township, Armstrong County; then, went to Ohio (1820, Scioto County;

1830, Franklin County); see “Archibald McNinch, Western Pennsylvania, Ohio River Valley, and

Central Ohio”, MFHN v.IV n.2 p.1996-16, and 1938 Ohio DAR book, MFHN v.VIII n.3 p.2000-18.


Henry McAninch, born 18 May 1777, Pennsylvania; Armstrong County pioneer, 1790’s, land “on the

West side of the Allegheny River opposite Pine Creek”; from Archibald McCall; “actual settlement

whereof was legally proved in Greensburgh”; circa 1804, married Mary ‘Polly’ (Lucas?), possibly

Indiana County; 15 Aug. 1807, sold land to Abraham Parkison; then went to Ohio; three daughters,

Anna, b.1805, and Nancy, b.1807, born in Pennsylvania, and Sarah (Sally), b.24 Mar. 1810, in Ohio;

see “Henry McAninch, 1777-?1856 ("Henry, who went to Ohio"?)”, MFHN v.VI n.3 p.1998-24.


John McAninch, born 1755-1765, Ireland; 1790, First Census, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania,

with wife, son [probably William (b.ca.1783)], and two daughters; 20 Dec. 1795, Charles Campbell

Articles, “land ... north and west of the Allegheny River in Allegheny County”; 16 Aug. 1797, with

Rachel Jones, “both in Allegheny County” … “land situate in Allegheny County in the Slippery rock

path” [MFHN v.IV n.3 p.1996-25,26]; 1800 census, Armstrong County [same land, Armstrong set off

1800]; 1805, 1806 to 1834, “75 acres”, “1 horse and 2 cows”, and “He continued to be assessed with

the land until 1834” [History of Armstrong County, Robert Walter Smith, Esq., 1883, p.497]; 1810,

1820, and 1830 Census, Buffalo Township, Armstrong County; Sept. 1811, Land Survey, 296 acres,

Buffalo Township; wife “Elizabeth” / “Betsy” (1834 and 1838 land records); John died ca. 1839,

Armstrong County, estate administered by his son Henry McAninch [MFHN v.V n.1 p.1997-08].


McAninch Family History NL, v.XI.n.4   October 2003   Copyright Frank McAninch   page 2003-30


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