III. C. Isabelle McAninch, and Samuel McAninch, not Ernest McAninch


Some of the markers in the cemetery were very hard to read, which probably accounts for two of the errors on the original hand-written ‘short list’ [3a1]:


[1] 16. Isabelle McAninch, wife of Enoch G. McAninch:


Isabelle (Ridpath) McAninch, wife of Enoch George McAninch -- an eroded “Eno” could have been mis‑interpreted as “Jno”, hence John, and the erroneous statement “wife of John McAninch”, instead of the correct “wife of Enoch G. McAninch” [4a2, photo], and


[1] 15. Samuel McAninch, not Ernest McAninch:


Samuel McAninch – the ‘Phillips Estate’ [1] and Johnson list [2] both show “Samuel”, which is

correct, and Louise McAninch could read part of the first name as “- a - - e l” in 1963 [4a5, photo]

[4b, letter], and she could read the footstone “S- Mc” [4a4, photo] [4e, letter].


However, the (unknown) author of the original hand-written ‘short list’ [3a1] apparently guessed at

another given name, “Ernest”, that appears to fit the same general pattern of eroded letters – first

letter ‘S’ (or ‘E’?), then ‘a’ (or ‘r’?), then ‘m’ (or ‘r’n’ pair?), ‘e’ (or ‘s’?), and then ‘l’ (or ‘t’?) at

the end of the name could all be very hard to differentiate on a well-worn gravestone [4a5, photo].


“Old Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery”, extract from webpage 14 of 68, McAninch.Net/genphcem

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