I. Executive Summary and Dedication


In the early 1830’s, settlers in the Pleasant Hill area of Franklin Township, north-west of present-day Stilesville, Indiana, founded the Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church. Those were the days when Methodist preachers rode their circuits on the frontier, and the Pleasant Hill group probably held their meetings in various members’ homes during their first twenty years or so.


In 1849, Samuel McAninch donated a specific half-acre of land for a church building and cemetery, and the Pleasant Hill Methodist community was active for another twenty years or so, at least into the late 1860’s, after the Civil War.


After Samuel McAninch donated the land for the M. E. Church and cemetery, in February 1849,

he lived another ten years, five months past his 70th birthday. Samuel died on 30 July 1859, aged

70 years, 5 months, and 25 days, and was buried in his ‘family cemetery’, which is now this

(Old) Pleasant Hill (Methodist) Cemetery [sources 1] [2] [3] [4] [4a5] [4b].


There are no specific records of the Church itself, and the building built in the 1850’s has probably been gone for a long time now.


The Pleasant Hill cemetery remained, over one hundred and twenty years old, until it was

accidentally destroyed in 1967. Although the cemetery no longer exists, there are four eye-witness

accounts, including some photographs taken in 1963, before the land was cleared in 1967.


The (known) burial dates range from 1847 to 1868, a span of 21 years. The earliest (known) burial was Margaret A. Pike, in 1847, and the last (known, dated) burial was that of John King, in 1868. According to these sources, there are believed to be at least 19 or 20 people buried here, in the (Old) Pleasant Hill (Methodist) Cemetery.


Known in the 20th century as the (Old) Pleasant Hill Cemetery [1] [3a2] [4d], or (Old) Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery [3b] [5i], this cemetery was originally the Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery [3a1], and has also been known as the Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery [2], the Pike Hill Cemetery [2], and has also been referred to as the Methodist Hill Cemetery [32c].


This cemetery was located in a pasture on a farm belonging to Allen Johnson in Franklin Township [in 1964]. The old church and cemetery sat in the corner of a section line. The cemetery was in the SW half of Section 9, Twp. 14, Range 2 West [3b], on the half-acre of land donated by Samuel McAninch in 1849 [20].


The origin of the name “Pleasant Hill” is unknown, and the terrain is flat farmland today [4a1 photo].


Since the physical cemetery no longer exists, this report can be a ‘virtual record’ of the cemetery,

including the reconstruction of the cemetery layout and plot plan, and all of the known burial records.


This report is dedicated to the early pioneers in Franklin Township, Hendricks County, a memorial to those brave souls who are buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, and especially to Samuel McAninch and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch, my great-great-great-grand-parents, and to their family and friends.


“Old Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery”, extract from webpages 4,17 of 68, McAninch.Net/genphcem

McAninch Family History NL, v.XI.n.3   July 2003   Copyright Frank McAninch     page 2003-19


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