Old Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery, Franklin Township, Hendricks County, Indiana


This article contains extracts from the research report published online at this same time --

“(Old) Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery”, 68 webpages online, www.McAninch.Net/genphcem.


Extracts from the online research report:



This research report was written by Frank McAninch [see Note 6], spring 2003,


with additional Indiana research by Marjorie (McAninch) Waggoner [7] and Lillian.


McAninch [8] (all descendents of Samuel McAninch, the original McAninch family


in Hendricks County), and based on original Indiana research by Louise McAninch


(1908-1979) [4], cemetery papers found in the Phillips Estate collection [1] at the


Danville Public Library, and on the list of headstones by Mrs. Ennis Johnson [2]


(Mrs. Allan F. Johnson), 20th-century owners of the farm and cemetery property


Table of Contents (of the complete online report):


I. Executive Summary and Dedication

page 4

II. Alphabetical List and Reconstructed Plot Plan of Pleasant Hill Cemetery

page 5


A. Alphabetical List (19, 20, or 21 Names)

page 5


B. Grave Locator Map (20 Graves, with 19 Names)

page 6


C. Reconstructed Plot Plan and Master Layout View

page 7

III. Records of Burials in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery

page 9


A. Analysis and Evaluation of the Pleasant Hill Cemetery Sources

page 10


B. Why are there only 13 or 14 names on the ‘short list’?

page 12


C. Isabelle McAninch, and Samuel McAninch, not Ernest McAninch

page 14

IV. Samuel McAninch (1789-1859), Hendricks County Pioneer

page 15

V. The Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church

page 18

VI. The Pleasant Hill Cemetery Land (“The Church’s Half-Acre”)

page 21

VII. Tracing the Physical Growth of the Cemetery, 1847-1868, in Five Phases

page 23


Phase 1. 1847-1848, McAninch-Pike ‘family cemetery’ for two children

page 23


Phase 3: 1853-1855, three new graves added, new row, total nine graves

page 24


Phase 5: 1864-1868, five new graves extend the cemetery at both ends

page 25

VIII. Analysis and Identification of Family Groups

page 26


Grimes, Hadley, Hancock

page 26


Harlan, and Other Possible Harlan Burial: Susan (Phillips) Harlan [?]

page 29


King, Mann

page 31


McAninch, and Other Possible McAninch Family Burials

page 33


Phillips, and Other Possible Phillips Burial: Infant Daughter [?]

page 36


Pike, Ridpath, Tincher

page 39

IX. Notes: Endnotes and Sources

page 42

Appendix 1: Pleasant Hill Cemetery Information from the Phillips Estate

page 50

Appendix 2: Pleasant Hill Cemetery Letter from Mrs. Ennis Johnson

page 54

Appendix 3: Pleasant Hill Cemetery Information at the Indiana State Library

page 56

Appendix 4: Letters from Mrs. Louise McAninch, and the Six Photographs

page 60

Bibliography: List of Significant Indiana Works Cited, and Repositories

page 67

Addendum: Recommended Citations

page 68


“Old Pleasant Hill Methodist Cemetery”, extract from webpages 2,3 of 68, McAninch.Net/genphcem

McAninch Family History NL, v.XI.n.3   July 2003   Copyright Frank McAninch     page 2003-18


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