Miscellaneous info, Queries, and Nuggets from recent letters (by States, alphabetical order)


Illinois: 1845, Edgar County, Illinois

“1845 May 21  Joseph McAninch and Elizabeth Jane Quiett”, Edgar County, Marriage Record A,

June 1823 – Sept. 1857, pg. 78, line 1; found by Rosalie Eben Schack CGRS, Owatonna, Minn.  


Indiana: 1852, the Railroad comes through Coatesville, Hendricks County --

First, the “Terre Haute and Richmond” (1852), then the “Terre Haute and Indianapolis” (1865) --

“Chartered in 1847, . . .completed a 73-mile line between Terre Haute and Indianapolis in 1852

[through Coatesville], and on April 26, 1870, completed a short extension from Terre Haute to the

Illinois state line to connect with the newly constructed St. Louis, Vandalia and Terre Haute [the 

original ‘Vandalia’ line]. . . . After 1865 the road became the Terre Haute and Indianapolis, a name

it retained until the 1905 merger into the Vandalia. With its connecting road east of Indianapolis,

the line formed a major segment on the Pennsylvania's St. Louis-Pittsburgh-New York route.”

Then, the “Vandalia Railroad” (1905), and finally the “Pennsylvania Railroad” (1917/1921) --

“. . . the Vandalia Railroad Company, was formed in 1905 by a merger of the

St. Louis, Vandalia and Terre Haute Railroad with the Terre Haute and Logansport Railway,

the Terre Haute and Indianapolis Railroad [the railroad line that ran through Coatesville],

the Logansport and Toledo Railway, and the Indianapolis and Vincennes Railroad.

The consolidated Vandalia Railroad connected Indianapolis and St. Louis . . . In 1917, 

the Vandalia was merged [into] the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad,

which was then formally leased by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1921.”

Quotations from the book Railroads Of Indiana, by Richard S. Simons and Francis H. Parker,

1997, Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, ISBN 0‑253‑33351‑2, pgs.117-118;

their footnote 139 cites The Pennsylvania Railroad Company; Corporate, Financial, and

Construction History of Lines Owned, Operated and Controlled to December 31, 1945 (4 vol.),

by Coverdale and Colpitts, consulting engineers; vol. 3, pg.371.

Map “Vandalia Railroad at Time of Consolidation in 1905” was published in Centennial History

of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, by G. H. Burgess and M. C. Kennedy, 1976, pub. Ayer Co. (out‑of‑print); ISBN 0‑405‑08067‑0, pg. 510; found online, “Maps from the Centennial History of

the PRR” site, Map 14, http://broadway.pennsyrr.com/Rail/Prr/Maps/Centhist/map_centhist14.gif 

Note: the line through Coatesville was only named the ‘Vandalia Railroad’ between 1905 and 1917


Indiana: McAninchs in Coatesville, Hendricks County, Indiana, in the late 1800’s --

(1) [Chiseltown] “Coatesville has a nickname that was given it many years ago. There was a time

when every [railroad] bridge carpenter between Indianapolis and Terre Haute was a Coatesville

citizen [including Daniel A. McAninch, 1850-1930]. These men boarded the accommodation trains 

to go to their work and return home on Saturday afternoons. It was necessary that these laborers

carry tool boxes filled with wood chizzles [sic] used in the framing of the heavy bridge timbers.

The story goes that on a Saturday afternoon as the train bearing these men and their tools came

down the grade into town, the brakeman would open the door of the ‘smoker’ and yell ‘All out

for Chizzletown’. And so, the sobriquet was started and stuck.” (Brief History of Coatesville, pg 2)


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