McAninch for the Confederacy: Eight Who Fought for Southern Independence (Part III)


Article by Frank McAninch, with original research by Kathy McAninch, David McAninch,

Charles Byron Bridgeforth and others [see General Note 1]

[Part I, with General Notes and Texas Notes, MFHN v.IX n.4, October 2001 pg.2001-27]

[and Part II, with Mississippi Notes, in MFHN Vol X, No. 1, January 2002 pg.2003-03]


Eight McAninch men are known to have served in Confederate units during the Civil War:


Two older brothers in Texas:

Elias B. [Brown] McAninch, and John F. McAninch



Their four younger

Asbery B. McAninch, Alpheus McAninch,

half-brothers in Mississippi:

Erastus George McAninch, and (Zachery) Taylor McAninch



And a different pair

Martin C. McAninch, and

of brothers in Missouri:

William Harrison (“Harry”, “Henry”) McAninch


All eight are grand-sons of William McAninch, Kentucky pioneer, who arrived in Lincoln County,

Kentucky, 1797 [Gn-2], and died 1813, Casey County [Casey Co. set off from Lincoln Co., 1807];

in his will, 15 Feb. 1813, William named his five sons: James, Jonathan, William, Samuel, and Jesse.


Jonathan, b.1799-1800, married Telitha [Tolitha/Tabitha/Litha] Turpin, 17 June 1824, Pulaski Co., by

John Baker; they had 13 children, and late 1852 moved to Cass County, (western) Missouri, [and]


William, b.1804-1805, married (1?) [unknown] Brown (?), bef.. 1825 [prob. Giles County, Tenn.],

married (2) Maria Starr [prob. Shelby Co., Tenn.], moved to DeSoto County, Mississippi, bef. 1837.


Texas 5th Infantry (Elias B. McAninch), andTexas 4th Cavalry (John F. McAninch)


In “Part I”, with General Notes [Gn-<#>] and Texas Notes [Tx-<#>], MFHN v.IX n.4, October 2001.


Mississippi 29th Inf. and Blythe’s Batt. (Asbery, Alpheus, Erastus, and (Zachery) Taylor McAninch)


In “Part II”, with Mississippi Notes [Ms-<#>], MFHN vol. X no.1, January 2002 pg.2002-03.




Jonathan McAninch was born ca. 1799-1800, Lincoln County, Kentucky [Note Mo-1] [Casey Co.,

1807], and married Telitha [Tolitha / Tabitha (?)] Turpin, 17 June 1824, in adjacent Pulaski County.

They lived in Casey County until ca. 1852-1854, when they moved to Cass County, western

Missouri, on the border with Kansas Territory [Missouri was the 24th state, in 1821; Kansas, the

34th state, 1861]. Jonathan and Telitha had 13 children, with 6 daughters, and 7 sons --


1. George C. McAninch, b.12 Feb. 1828, resided Cass Co., later went to Callaway Co., Missouri


2. James H. McAninch, b.1828-29, resided in Cass County, later Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri


3. (Franklin) Preston McAninch, b.25 Jan. 1830, settled in Lancaster, Schuyler Co., Missouri


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