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Arkansas: 1910 – “Machninch, John D.  40  b.AR  living alone”, Siloam Spring, Benton County; Arkansas 1910 Soundex, NARA T-1260 Roll 78, M255, “005 – 0026 – 0267” [Vol.? E.D.? etc.?]


Iowa: 1890’s -- Radcliffe Cemetery, Sherman Township, Hardin County, Iowa --


McAninch, Betsey

28 Mar 1804 - 15 June 1895

[(Mary) Elizabeth (Bowser) McAninch,]

McAninch, Henry

16 Feb 1802 -  9 Feb 1898

[Henry's wife, b.1804 per “Bowser book”]


Found by Lorna Gilbert, Houston, Texas, at <www.rootsweb.com\iahardin\cem-recs\radcliffe>; Radcliffe Cemetery listings contributed by Charlotte Mazurik, mazurik@netins.net, June 2000.


Missouri: 1885 -- Cass County, March 31, 1885, Election of Township Officers, Pleasant Hill Precinct, Pleasant Hill Township, list of Voters includes ... Jessie McAninch [last line, pg. 53] ... S. McAninch [line 25, pg. 54] ... and … J. W. McAninch [line 37, pg. 54]; Missouri Genealogical Gleanings, 1840 And Beyond, Volume 4, by Sherida K. Eddlemon, pub. 1997, Heritage Books, Bowie, Maryland 20716, ISBN 0-7884-0805-4; pg.53,54.


Missouri: 1902 – Bates County – “Dr. W. J. McAnich [sic], veterinary”, in a list of businesses that advertised in the Home Border Telephone [newspaper], “The Prairie Gleaner”, West Central Missouri Genealogical Society and Library, Warrensburg, Missouri, Vol.20 No.1, Dec. 1998, p.4.


New York and Pennsylvania: McA/I/Ninch in the War of 1812 --


1. “McIninch, James, Private, 2nd Artillery Regiment, New York” (NARA M602 roll 139) (same man listed on three cards; other two are “McInich, James”, and “McInnick, James”)


2. “McNinch, James, Lieutenant, Pennsylvania” (NARA M602 roll 141)


No McAninch variations (roll 135), and not McC~ (roll 136; lots of McCamish, no McCa/i/ninch). Source: NARA microfilm M602 (roll numbers noted) – “Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers who Served During the War of 1812. United States Adjutant General's Office”


Scotland, to Australia: Query: Looking for parents, siblings, and any relatives of Mary McNinch, who married Matthew Wright (prob. Scotland), and had two (known) children: Jack Wright, and Christina Wright, born 10 Feb. 1889, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland. The family believes that Mary may have died in the Flu epidemic in the early 1920's, in West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland.


Mary’s daughter, Christina Wright, married Daniel Rodden Aitken, 15 Feb. 1907, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland, and they had six children, including Mary McNinch Aitken, born 27 Jan 1908, Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland, and Hugh Aitken, born 21 Jan 1909, Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland.


Daniel Aitken, born 10 Apr. 1884, Dalry, Ayrshire, was a member of the Royal Scottish Fuseliers in WW I, was wounded in France, and received a full pension. The family received a special rate (to be paid back) to emigrate to Australia; he died 21 Mar. 1947, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Mary’s grand-son, Hugh Aitken, arrived in Australia on 31 Jan 1927, on the SS Bendigo. Hugh married Lily Campbell, 26 Oct. 1934, at Malvern, Victoria, Australia, and they had three children: Bruce Aitken, Hugh Aitken, and Roberta Lily Aitken. Roberta ‘Robbie’ Aitken married Ian Marr, in 1969, and their mail address is P.O. Box 886, Warrnambool, Victoria, 3280, Australia; Email marrtron@ansonic.com.au; genealogy on their web site: http://www.ansonic.com.au/marrtronics.


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