McAninch in the Byram–Irons Genealogy Book


Genealogy of Byram–Irons Families, 1610-1982, Genivie Irons Frazer, Enid, Oklahoma [Notes 1, 2]


2-2, Thomas Jefferson Irons: [Section 2, Irons Family, (person) 2-2 (son of Thomas Irons)]


“Born 16 April 1833 in Hendricks Co., Ind. His first wife was Susan Holland, married ca. 1856.

Had two daughters. One son died in infancy.” [Note 2] [pg. 48]


“When his first wife died, he returned to Indiana and his sister, Minerva Burgess, kept Cora and

Belle (his daughters). In 1864, Thomas married Mary Catherine McAninch. They were married

by Rev. S. Bowen, Methodist Minister in Hendricks Co., Ind., on July 3, 1864. Mary Catherine 

was the daughter of Joseph McAninch and Elizabeth Jane Quiett.” [Note 3] [pg. 48]



18 April 1833 in Hendricks Co., Ind.

[date of birth, 16 or 18 (?), Note 2] [pg. 55]


Thomas Irons and Sarah Franks

[Thomas, b.Tenn.; Sarah, b.Kentucky; pg. 48]


(1) Susan Holland, ca. 1855 – 1856


[first marriage, 1855-1856, Note 2]


(2) Mary Catherine McAninch, 3 July 1864

[age 18; b. Hendricks County, Ind.]


6 July 1906 at their home west of Carmen, Okla.


[Alfalfa County, OK]


Buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery, west of Dacoma, Okla.

[Woods County, OK]


After his first marriage they moved to Gentry Co., Mo., and acquired land near


Stanberry, Mo. One of the early deeds, a government deed, was dated in 1859, and


refers to the farm as “swamp land”.  …




Thomas’s first wife died and Thomas and his children returned to Indiana. In 1864,


his father died on Mar. 3; his mother died on June 6; his brother John, died on Aug. 5;


and his sister, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Oscar Hull) died Oct. 29. All four are buried in the


Irons Cemetery east of Belleville.”

[Irons Cemetery, Hendricks County, Note 4]


Thomas J. and Mary C. (McAninch) Irons had twelve children: Minerva Ellen, Nancy Jane, Susan

Margaret, Mary Malinda, Charles Burgess, Joseph Edward, Katie E., Oliver Franklin, John Sherman,

James Garfield [father of Genivie], Thomas Blane, and Benjamin Harrison Irons. [pg. 55-56, 71]


Old photograph, family portrait, entitled “Thomas Jefferson Irons (b. 18 April 1833; d. 6 July 1906)

and Mary Catherine McAninch (Irons) (b. 15 April 1846; d. 27 Feb. 1924)” [circa 1890’s(?), pg. 57]


James Garfield Irons, born 16 July 1881, Barton County, Kansas, married Myrtle Mae Byram,

20 Oct. 1903, at Alva, Oklahoma, and had four children. Their youngest child, Genivie Erma Irons,

born 29 Nov. 1911, at Flower Bluff, Texas, was the compiler of this book [she died in 1990’s][pg.71]


Source Notes:

[1] Genealogy of Byram–Irons Families, 1610-1982, by Genivie Irons Frazer, 4419 Wheatland Dr.,

Enid, Oklahoma 73701; published by the author, September 1982; 147 pages, with Index; at LDS

Family History Library, Salt Lake City, 929.273 B996f; Los Angeles Public Library, 929.2 B996.

[2] In her text, Genevie is very conscientious about proof, and identifies assumptions and conjectures,

but, there are minor internal inconsistencies [Thomas J. Irons DOB, and date of his first marriage].

[3] Joseph McAninch, b. 2 Apr. 1821, Casey Co., KY, son of Samuel and (Mary) Polly (Skidmore)

McAninch; married Elizabeth Jane Quiett, 21 May 1845, near Paris, Edgar County, Illinois.

It is not known if Genivie had more McAninch information, but there is nothing more in her book.

[4] Irons-Miles Cemetery, Plainfield P.L.,, Indiana Room, Cemetery.


McAninch Family History NL, VIII-2  April 2000  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 2000-14


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