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Arkansas: Marion County, July 27, 1888 – newspaper article, headline “Jail Delivery at Harrison” --


“Up to Wednesday evening our jail contained five prisoners, A. J. Hudspeth, from Marion County, charged with murder; Floyd Chrisman, from Newton [County], found guilty of house burning; Doc Allen, of Boone [County], charged with buggery; Jno. [John] McAninch, of Boone [County], charged with larceny; and Wm. Middleton, of Boone [County], charged with assault to kill. Wednesday night, Jailer Clifford added another inmate in the person of John Middleton, charged with selling liquor. When breakfast was taken to them on Thursday morning, all were well on their way to "parts unknown." Yesterday morning young McAninch [“young”, late teens? early 20’s?] was captured some ten miles east of here, and, on being returned, explained how the escape was effected. … Hudspeth had invented a crooked wire whereby the staple, which being in the lock box was rarely padlocked, could be worked from its socket; and this being done, it was the work of but a few moments to slip the bar and walk from the cage, after which they cut a small hole from the brick of the east wall, and wiggled themselves to the outside. The jail is a good one, and our jailer careful in all his duties; so the escape, like most others of its kind, seems to have been due to a combination of circumstances and plans which were …fortunate and favorable for the prisoners.”


Source: Mountain Echo newspaper, July 27, 1888, Harrison, Marion Co., Arkansas; USGenWeb, http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb, | Search files by state | Arkansas Archives; 188807.txt.

Submitted by Gladys Horn Brown, Email fernbrown@ Prodigy.net, “For all to freely enjoy, I gladly share these, and future issues, in memory of my grandmother, Ora Noe Wootton (1877-1951), daughter of Andrew Jackson Noe and Emeline Patterson, Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas”

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California: 1868, 1891 – Early U.S. Government Land sale indexes are now on-line –





County, Range, Twp., Sec

Case No. / Doc ID


David H. McAninch


Sonoma, 7W, 6N, S34+35

[5] C’014316, 601


David H. McAninch


Mendocino 15W 20N 17+20

[5] C’28306, 16385


Miles T. McAninch


Fresno, 23E, 11S, S20

[5] C’124589, 10290


Dweight Leonard McA.


San Bernadino, 5W 4N S11

[6] 144074, 1190369


Dallas Wayne McNinch


San Bernadino, 4E 1S S10

[6] 165516, 1200911



[1] David, born ca. 1833, Casey Co., Kentucky, son of Jonathan and Tolitha (Turpin) McAninch

[2] Miles, born 1850, Jefferson County, Penn., son of Sylvester J. and Rosena (Himes) McAninch

[3], [4] Dweight [sic] Leonard McAninch, and Dallas Wayne McNinch – no further information

[5] Surveyed from Mendocino baseline; abbreviation C’ for “CACAAA” – “Land Office Name is not available on the web site for patents before 1908 (serial numbers beginning CACAAA). You must obtain a copy of the patent document from BLM to determine the Land Office.”

[6] Surveyed from San Bernadino baseline; land office “CALA” -- “… Land Office may be determined from post 1908 serial numbers … CALA represents the Los Angeles Land Office.”

[7] Source of Land Records: Bureau of Land Management, http://www.ca.blm.gov/landpatents


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