Cyrus Clark and Mariah (Case) McAninch, by Rosalie Eben Schack, Owatonna, Minnesota



[Editor’s Note] This article is a supplement to the Mariah Case McAninch Journal article in the


previous issue (MFHN, Vol. VII, No 3, July 1999). On page 1999-23, in Note 5, I erroneously


confused Rosalie’s land records with data from other sources, and mis-quoted Rosalie [/Frank].


Note, however, that these are land records, not birth records (see Marjorie’s comments, below).


The correct original statement from Rosalie was: “I would guess it was the farm in Riley Township, which would work out to be 4 miles from her father's farm. This farm in Riley Township would be where probably the first six of Mariah's children were born.” [“the first six”, not “all twelve” /Frank]


“Although Mariah does not mention it in her Journal, Cyrus and Mariah (Case) McAninch sold their Riley Township farm and purchased a Lotts Creek Township farm in 1878. The assumption is that they moved from the Riley farm to the Lotts Creek farm at this time, and the last six of their children were born in Lotts Creek Township. This conclusion is based on the following facts:


In 1869, Cyrus C. McAninch purchased 43.62 acres in Riley Township, Ringgold County, Iowa, from Alphaus J. Johnson (1). Cyrus and Mariah probably lived on this farm until 1878, when he purchased land in Lotts Creek Township from his father, Joseph McAninch (2) and his uncle John S Harlan (3), and sold his land in Riley Township to Henry Stiles (4). Cyrus added to his [Lotts Creek Township] farm in 1889 by purchasing a third parcel of land from his father Joseph (5). These three parcels of land were directly south of the farm owned by his parents, Joseph and Elizabeth [Quiett] McAninch.


The birth records for Oscar Lyle McAninch (born Aug 5, 1871) and Sarah Arminta McAninch (born Nov 16, 1878), are both filed as delayed birth records with the family Bible as a source, and are both recorded as being born in Riley Township (6).


The 1880 Ringgold County Census listed Cyrus farming in Lotts Creek Township (7). In 1881, the “Ringgold Record”, a weekly newspaper published in Mt. Ayr, Iowa, reported that Cyrus owned 80 acres in southeast Lotts Creek Township (8). Two birth records of Cyrus and Mariah’s children in the Mt. Ayr [Ringgold County] Courthouse list birthplace as Lotts Creek Township, Peter Clark J., born in 1884 (9), and Clara Melvina, born in 1888 (10).


The 1896 Directory of Ringgold County lists Cyrus farming in the southeast part of Lotts Creek Twp., address Caledonia. He was quite active in county affairs; he was both Constable and Road Supervisor of Lotts Creek Township, as well as serving on the school board of Lotts Creek School District #7 (11). School District #7 was located in Section 24 of Lotts Creek Twp., on an acre of land donated for that purpose by Joseph McAninch, located just ½ mile north of Cyrus’ farm. Cyrus probably was required to reside in Lotts Creek Township in order to serve as a township officer or on the school board.


In 1897, 1899, and 1910, Cyrus and Mariah sold the three parcels of their Lotts Creek farm to their oldest son Oscar Lyle McAninch. Mariah’s Journal mentions that Oscar purchased the farm from them, and land transactions in the Mt Ayr Courthouse show that the farm Oscar purchased from Cyrus and Mariah was in Lotts Creek Township, not Riley Township. (12,13,14)”


Source Notes, by Rosalie Eben Schack:

1. Jun 22, 1869, NW1/4 SW1/4 S19 T67 R28W Riley Township, Ringgold County IA, Deed Index, Grantees, Vol B, Bk M, p 336, Warranty Deed recorded May 6, 1871, LDS #1705582


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