Mary Narcissa McNinch, born March 11, 1831, Giles County, Tennessee


Mary Narcissa McNinch was born March 11, 1831, in Giles County, Tennessee [her birth date and place are given in both pension files, husband George J. Thompson, and her own widow’s pension file]. Also, Mary’s younger sister, Martha Jane McA/I/Ninch, was born 1832-1833, believed Giles County.


According to both pension files, Mary Narcissa McNinch and George J. Thompson were married on 18 Aug. 1847, in Giles County, Tennessee, by John Amos, J.P.; Mary’s application for her widow’s pension says “near Pulaski”. Unfortunately, there is no record in Giles County today; the Courthouse was destroyed by fire twice before 1865, and all of the County Clerk’s marriage books were lost.


There is no record of Mary’s parents, and no other information (yet). Examination of the Giles County records, between 1812 and 1850, does not show anybody by either the McNinch or McIninch spellings [census records, land records, and recently-published marriage records]. During this period, however, there are six different McAninch families living in Giles County, at least two of whom could have had a daughter born 1831, as explained in the “Father-Candidates” analysis, attached. It is my belief that Mary Narcissa McA/Ninch is probably the daughter of either A. McAninch or S. McAninch families.


During her adult lifetime, Mary’s maiden name was consistently spelled McNinch; however, there are no independent Tennessee records, and the two pension applications were made in 1899 and 1904, long after her parents probably died. And, her sister Martha Jane’s name was spelled “McInish” in the 1850 census [Reed, Giles County], which is a common transcription error from the spoken “Mac-An-inch”.


Other possible Giles County connections include burials at the Mt. Moriah Cemetery – two McAninch records [Note 5], and Robert Reed, father of Susannah Reed, grand-father of Mary N. and Martha Jane (died 28 Mar. 1869, buried “Mt. Moriah cemetery near the community of Bodenham in Giles County”).


There are multiple documents, extractions, and transcriptions which are included in this article below --

A. McAninch Males, Father-Candidates for Mary Narcissa and Martha Jane [my analysis /Frank]

B. Extracts from Pension File of George J. Thompson, Certificate No. 473,954

C. Extracts from Pension File of Mary Narcissa (McNinch) Thompson, Certificate No. 595,650

D. Census Records, McAninch / McNinch, Campbell, and Thompson (annotated)

E. Notebook of Lucille N. Davis (.JPG files, McNinch1.Jpg, ~2.Jpg, ~3.Jpg, ~4.Jpg) (annotated)

F. “Thompson-McNinch Family Records” [magazine article, published 1986] (annotated)


General Source Notes:

[1] Ronnie (Ronald Lynn) and Margaret Barbara (Fuchs) Ellis, 8318 Citation Avenue, Austin, Texas 78719; Email <>, and web-site <>, with on-line genealogy. Margaret is a great-great-grand-daughter of George J. and Mary Narcissa (McNinch) Thompson.

[2] Collection of Ellen Lucille Nottingham Davis (1905-1998), great-grand-daughter of George J. and Mary Narcissa (McNinch) Thompson, currently in the possession of Ronnie and Margaret Ellis.

[3] Pension File of George J. Thompson, Certificate No. 473,954 [National Archives]

[4] Pension File of Mary Narcissa (McNinch) Thompson, Certificate No. 595,650 [National Archives]

[5] Cemetery Records of Giles County, Tennessee, pub. Giles Co. Historical Society, Pulaski, Tenn., 1986, pg. 388: “Elizabeth McAnnch 30 March 1829”, and “Mary E. McAnnch 10 July 1829”.


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