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Apochryphal Fiction: “Family history ... states that Daniel McAninch and an unknown brother came to America together. When they arrived at Ellis Island, Daniel was sick, and detained. His brother either wouldn’t, or couldn’t, wait, and is believed to have moved on to Canada. It is unknown how long Daniel was in New York, but the story goes that he followed either the Cumberland Gap or the Ohio River into Kentucky, and it is there that records catch up with him.”

Actual facts:


Daniel first appears on the Tax Books, Lincoln County, Kentucky, in 1799,





Ellis Island was only used for immigration processing between 1892 and 1952.



Iowa: William S. McAninch, not William L.; buried: Oralabor Cemetery, Ankeny, Polk County, Iowa “he's buried in a small cemetery just north of Des Moines city limits and south of Ankeny, Iowa, in the Oralabor Cemetery. It's an old stone monument about 5 feet tall, narrow at the top, base about 24" x 24", with visible information and Civil War notation”, and five pictures of the memorial

1. front view, name "McAninch" on second layer, round Grand Army of the Republic star in front

2. rear view, pedestal-style monument, "McAninch" on second layer in the rear also

3. side panel, south side [west side ?] of stone, crossed-flags (or banners) and drum carved in stone, "Wm. S. McAninch" with dates "Mar. 5, 1835" and "Jan. 4, 1901"

4. side panel, east side, with inscription "Sergt. of Capt. Moses M. Becks, of 18th. Ind. Battery"

5. side panel, north side, with inscription "Mary M. McAninch  Mar. 29, 1836  Feb. 1, 1902" photographs received April, 1997, from Katherine "Mikki" Kintner McAninch, Des Moines, Iowa.


Mississippi: Tate County -- Erastus George McAninch (1843-1915), son of William McAninch (1805-1854), of DeSoto County, Miss., and grand-son of William McAninch, who died in 1813, Casey County, Kentucky, was enumerated as a Confederate veteran twice, in 1907, and in 1913 --

1907: E. G. McAininsh [sic], [Enlistment State] Miss., [Co.] I, [Reg.] 29, [Age] 64, [Enlist] 1861

1913: E. G. McInah [sic], [Enlist. State] Miss., [Co.] D [sic], [Reg.] 29th, [Age] 70, [Enlist] 1861

“Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers and Widows, Tate County”, 1907 and 1913, in Tate Trails, Vol. III, No. 2, June 1984, page 44 (1907), and No. 3, Sept. 1984, page 86 (1913), published by the Tate County, Ms., Genealogical and Historical Society, P.O. Box 974, Senatobia, MS 38668.


Useful Information Sites on the World-Wide Web

Geographic Names Information System -- “”

[for example, Casey Co., KY, GNIS found “Poplar Hill” (school), “Rich Hill” (church, knob), and “Old Willow Springs” (cemetery), but, did not find “Poplar Knob”, nor “Willow Springs”]

Social Security Death Index -- “” (not

Vital Records Information State Index -- “”, one-stop source,

how to get vital records, County Courthouse and State offices, phone numbers, etc.


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