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Volume VII, Number 3, July 24, 1999. Re-printed November, 1999.


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Journal of Mariah Case McAninch, Ringgold Co., Iowa, and Neodesha, Kansas

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The Editor’s Corner


Life on the frontier was never easy, and few people found the time to describe their experiences in writing. Mariah Case, born 1850, moved to the Iowa frontier in 1854, and lived there her whole life. In 1870, she married Cyrus Clark McAninch, son of Joseph [P.?] and Elizabeth Jane (Quiett) McAninch, grand-son of Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McA., and g-g-son of Daniel [O.?] McA., Kentucky pioneer.


C. C. and Mariah (Case) McA. had 12 children, in Iowa, and some of their children moved to Kansas. During the early years of the 1900's (ca. 1907), probably while visiting her children in Kansas, Mariah did write her life story, in a hand-written journal book, currently held by one of her grand-daughters.


Our feature article in this issue is based on excerpts from “Mariah's Journal”, courtesy of two of her grand-daughters, Marjorie (McAninch) Waggoner, San Jose, California (originally from Kansas), and Betty Jo (McAninch) Barker, Las Vegas, Nevada (originally from Iowa). Also, Marjorie hopes to get Mariah’s complete Journal published, an historical document about life on the frontier in early Iowa, especially written by a woman on the frontier, with the same problems that many women face today.


Tennessee -- Another area of continuing research is the McAninch families in early Giles County, Tennessee, from 1812 to the late 1840’s. Believed to have come south from Casey County, Kentucky, they moved through in less than 40 years, and there are no McA/I/Ninches in Giles County at the time of the 1850 census. There were at least 4 different McAninch males in Giles County with their families [see “John McAninch, of Kentucky and Tennessee”, McA.F.H.NL, Vol. III, No. 2, May 1995, pg. 7].


Mary Narcissa McNinch [prob. McAninch (?)] was born March 11, 1831, in Giles County, and married George James Thompson, Aug. 18, 1847, in Giles County. In the next issue, we hope to present Mary’s story, resolving some loose ends in Tennessee and Mississippi [McAninch, Thompson, and Campbell].


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