The Draft Enrollment List of 1862, and other Civil War Records in Indiana


Seven McAninch men served the Union in Indiana units during the Civil War, based on records

from both the Indiana State Archives and the U.S. National Archives. Five of the seven are from

Hendricks and Putnam counties, descendants of Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch, and

Daniel and Dorcas (Burks) McAninch, two sons of the original Daniel McAninch, Lincoln and

Casey counties, Kentucky. [cross-reference: McAninch Family History NL, Vol. III, No. 3,

Aug. 1995, pg. 5; sub-titled “Seven Men . . .” in 1995, it is now known that there were two

different Joseph McAninch’s and only one John W. McAninch. (May 2003 /Frank McAninch)].


The other two are Sylvester McAninch, Porter County, northern Indiana [“Sylvester Danley

McAninch, Union Veteran – Two Units, Two States, 18 Spellings”, MFHN Vol. V No. 4,

Nov. 1997, p. 34], and another William McAninch, from Ohio [not Kentucky, 2001 /fm],

joined the 91st Infantry at Evansville, Indiana [across the Ohio River from Kentucky], and

moved to Iowa later [pension records, 1882, 1918; MFHN Vol. IX No. 1, Jan. 2001, pg.2001-04]


Indiana records from the Civil War were kept by the Indiana Adjutant General, now in the

State Archives, in Indianapolis [Note 1]. The 1862 Draft records were microfilmed only recently,

in August, 1995, and are now available to the public. Also, the Indiana Civil War Volunteers

card file is now available on microfilm (previously individual service certificates had to be

ordered from Adjutant General’s Office).


I. The Draft Enrollment Lists of 1862


“By the summer of 1862, federal officials at Washington, DC, concluded ... conscription was

necessary to fill the Northern armies ... Each state was to administer its [own] Draft. All white

men between the ages of 18 and 45 were required to enroll. Two lists of men in each township ...

The first listed all men who had already enlisted in the armed services, giving the unit in which

each served along with age and occupation. The second listed all other eligible men. . . .

included information on each man, giving age, occupation, disease or condition that made

that man ineligible, exemption, and other remarks.” [Note 2]


Together, the two lists show 11 McAninch males, 4 in Hendricks County, and 7 in Putnam County.

The first list shows two men already enrolled in service (in 1862) [Note 3] --

[pg. / line]



[Regiment (first list)]

[p.82]  53

McAninch, Jno. [John]


77th [sic, 78th] [Roll 8, Putnam Co., Jefferson Twp.]

[p.82]  54

McAninch, Milt C.    


77th [sic, 78th] [Roll 8, Putnam Co., Jefferson Twp.]


The second list shows nine McAninch males (this is the “1862 Draft Enrollment List”) [Note 3] --

[pg. / line]



[Occupation (second list)]

[p.32] 105

McAninch, Joseph



[Roll 4, Hendricks Co., Clay Twp.]

[p.48]  72

McAninch, Daniel


J.P. [Justice of the Peace; Hendricks, Franklin Twp.]

[p.48]  73

McAninch, John



[Roll 4, Hendricks Co., Franklin Twp.]

[p.48]  74

McAninch, Enoch



[Roll 4, Hendricks Co., Franklin Twp.]

[p.94] 124

McAninch, William A.



[Roll 8, Putnam Co., Marion Twp.]

[p.94] 125

McAninch, Daniel H.



[Roll 8, Putnam Co., Marion Twp.]

[p.94] 126

McAninch, Samuel



[Roll 8, Putnam Co., Marion Twp.]

[p.94] 127

McAninch, George B.



[Roll 8, Putnam Co., Marion Twp.]

[p.94] 129

McAninch, William



[Roll 8, Putnam Co., Marion Twp.]


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