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Iowa: 1862. Samuel James McAninch died 18 Dec. 1862, and is buried in Peedee Cemetery, Cedar County, Iowa. He was born in 1829, in Kentucky, son of Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch. Buried with his wife, Mary Jane; cemetery marker surveyed by Rosalie Eben Schack, spring 1998:



West side:

"McAninch" block letters, nothing else;


East side:

 blank ("Stone faces west, nothing on the back [east] side", Rosalie);


North side:

"Samuel" / "McAninch" / "Born" / "Nov. 15, 1829" /



"Died" / "Dec. 18, 1862" / "Aged" / "33 Yrs 1 Mo" / "3 Ds"



 ("...could not make out small writing on the bottom", Rosalie);


South side:

"Mary J." / "Lewis" / "Born" / "Dec. 6, 1831" / "Died" / "Dec. 19, 1895" /



"Aged" / "64 Yrs 13 Dys" / "She was the" / "wife of" / "S.J. McAninch"



 ("I couldn't read smallest writing above 'She was the wife of



 S.J. McAninch'", Rosalie)  [Mary J. ?Lewis?  Did she re-marry?]




Names and dates also published in the book Stones and Sites, Graves of Cedar County, Iowa / Our U.S. Bicentennial Salute / Our Sesquicentennial Year of Settlement, Researched and Published by the Cedar County Historical Society, 1986, Bawden Printing, Eldridge, Iowa; page 204, row 17.


Iowa: 1870’s, two McAninch infant sons, buried in Patrick Cemetery, Ringgold County, Iowa --





2D  McAninch, Dewy D.


1y 6m 10d

[b. ca. 20 Mar. 1870, d. 30 Sep. 1871]

2D  McAninch, Homer C


2y 8m  6d

[b. ca. 26 Jan. 1873, d. 1 Oct. 1875]





In the spring of 1998, Rosalie Eben Schack, 714 Mineral Springs Road, Owatonna, MN 55060, schack@hotmail.com, found Patrick Cemetery, but could not locate the two McAninch stones.

The cemetery description says: “Located in a field in NE¼ Sec. 22, Riley Township. Recorded for Ringgold County Historical Society ... in 1981. ... cemetery has suffered much abuse ...  No doubt there are many burials with no evidence at all.” Ringgold County Historical Society, Mt. Ayr, Iowa.


Mississippi: 1837 – “first tax list of DeSoto Co., Ms.”, lists William McAninch [“McAmish”, sic], “among the first settlers of this area which included most of the present Tate County”; DeSoto Co., Mississippi, Tax List, 1837, in Tate Trails, Vol. III, No. 3, Sept. 1984, pg. 64, col. 3, published by the Tate County, Ms., Genealogical and Historical Society, P.O. Box 974, Senatobia, MS 38668.


Missouri: “Dr. William C. McAninch, 1830-1901”, and his son “John McAninch, 1861-1955”, both buried in Double Branch Cemetery, Pleasant Gap Twp., Section 17, south of Butler, Bates County; in Bates County, Missouri, Cemeteries, 1980, by E. Joyce Christiansen, page 173, lines 254, 255.


Ohio: 1880 Census – there are 19 McA/I/Ninch entries in the Ohio 1880 Census Index --






County, Code and Page


County, Code and Page

McAnich, George

Mahoning MHW3 412B

McAninch, Wm. H.

Cuyahoga CYW5 391A

McAnift [sic], James

Cuyahoga CYW2 089C

McAininch, Marquis

Pike PKBV 004C

McAninch, J. A.

Morrow  MWW5 299C

[McAninch, pg. 1842]


McAninch, J. T. 

Cuyahoga CYW1 046A

McIninch, --- Mrs.

Belmont  BEUN 412A

McAninch, James

Belmont  BEPE 148C

McIninch, William

Belmont  BEPE 136D

McAninch, James

Hardin  HDMC 188B

McInnich, Mary

Morrow  MWPE 327B

McAninch, James W.

Hardin  HDMC 188A

[McIninch, pg. 1898]


McAninch, John

Mahoning MHW3 413C

McNinch, Andrew

Franklin  FRFR 132A

McAninch, John H.

Logan  LGRL 206D

McNinch, Joseph

Franklin  FRFR 132A

McAninch, Oliver

Belmont  BEPE 173A

McNinch, Margaret E.

Miami  MMNW 172A

McAninch, Wm.

Morrow  MWGI 383B

[McNinch, pg.1922]






Ohio 1880 Census Index, Vol. II, G-M, compiled / copyright by Ohio Genealogical Society, 1991.





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