[McAninch et al, Ohio] “Family Record by Hazel M. Houser” (“Property of Alice M. Quay”)


Handwritten document, marked “Property of Alice M. Quay” / “Family Record, by Hazel M. Houser”.

This Family Record was (apparently) written by Hazel M. Houser herself, during the 20th century.


A photocopy of this 22-page document was received in August, 1997, from

Dr. Richard M. Cochran, Ph.D., 1332 Sabrina Court, Brick, New Jersey 08724-7132.


According to the Family Record itself (page 5), Hazel was born Hazel Maureen Greenland, on Sunday, January 3, 1892, in Marion, Ohio (Marion County). She was a daughter of Myrtle Edna Stevens and Reuben James Greenland, and a grand-daughter of Mary Ann McAninch and Robert Finley Stevens. Hazel was also a great-grand-daughter of James Washington McAninch and Barbara McLain/McLean, who were married in Pennsylvania in 1830, according to the Path Valley Presbyterian Church records, Path Valley, Franklin County (adjacent to Huntingdon County), Pennsylvania.


Hazel married twice, according to the Family Record itself (page 5) –

1. Alva McEldowney, born June 8, 1891, mar. Aug. 25, 1909, Marion, Ohio, divorced 1936,

2. and (2nd) Ora Houser, married before 1953, and living in Muncie, Indiana in October 1953.


Hazel M. Houser died in March, 1979, according to the Social Security Administration’s Death Index;

at the time of her death, her last-known residence was Sacramento, California (Sacramento County).


Hazel Maureen Greenland was one of six children in the family of Myrtle Edna Stevens and Reuben James Greenland; another daughter, Alice Marie Greenland, married James Quay (page 4). At this time, there is no other information about James Quay and Alice Marie (Greenland) Quay available (no info on these 22 pages for birth date and place, marriage date and place, children, if any, etc.).


Estimated from the other children in the family, Alice Marie Greenland was probably born between 1890 and 1910, and probably in Marion County, Ohio, since her parents are both buried in Marion Co. There is no additional info on her marriage, and no info as to how and when she (“Alice M. Quay”) acquired the handwritten notebook marked “Family Record by Hazel M. Houser”.


The handwriting in this document is excellent, precise and crisp, clearly readable (thank you, Hazel).


The earliest date found in the document is on the first page, “Agnes Cornell born April 6, 1767”, and

the most-recent date found is 1955, on page 37, “Emma M. Baker passed away Friday, Feb. 4, 1955”.


In the absence of other information, it can only be assumed that Hazel stopped making entries in her Family Record book in 1955, at the age of 63 years, and while probably still living in Muncie, Indiana.


Overall, Hazel’s efforts have produced an impressive and credible Family Record document, although earlier dates could be documented better, with source citations to records contemporary with the events.


“Family Record by Hazel M. Houser”, total of 22 pages, including the cover sheet

[1] cover, spiral-ring notebook, three-hole punched paper, marked (on three lines, handwritten) “Property of Alice M. Quay” / “Family Record” / “by Hazel M. Houser”

[2] first page (not numbered), “Names and Dates” handwritten title on the top line

[2] [a] first entry “Alexander McAnnich [sic] born June 17, 1767

[2] [b] second “Agnes Cornell born April 6, 1767 in Germany Married 1795”

[2] [c] third “He served in War 1812” ...

[2] [d] last entry “Margaret Ann McAnnich [sic] [born] Vermont [sic]”


Family Record by Hazel M. Houser / Received August, 1997, Dr. Richard M. Cochran, Brick, N.J.

McAninch Family History NL, VI-4  October, 1998  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1998-41


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