Ringgold County, Iowa, Land Records, and McAninch 13/13ths Transactions, 1855-1873


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Samuel McAninch, born 5 Feb. 1789, in Pennsylvania, was 2nd of 5 known sons of Daniel McAninch, an early pioneer in Lincoln County, Kentucky (now Casey County, set off in 1807). Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch, and eleven children, moved to Hendricks County, Indiana, circa 1831-1832, and two more children were born in Indiana. Samuel, a founder of the Pleasant Hill Methodist Church, died on July 30, 1859, and was buried at (Old) Pleasant Hill Church cemetery, Franklin Twp, Hendricks Co.


Samuel McAninch died July 30, 1859, in Hendricks Co., Indiana, with no Will, and 13 legal heirs --

l. Samantha Hancock McClellan, dau. of Sarah (Sally McAninch) Hancock, gr-dau. of Samuel

2. John W. Mann, son of William and Hannah McAninch Mann, grand-son of Samuel

3. Elisha McAninch, son of Samuel and Polly (Mary Skidmore) McAninch

4. Elizabeth (Betsy) McAninch, daughter of Samuel and Polly (Mary Skidmore) McAninch

5. Daniel [not H.] McAninch, son of Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch

6. Joseph [P.?] McAninch, son of Samuel and Polly (Mary Skidmore) McAninch

7. John W.[Wesley?] McAninch, son of Samuel and Polly (Mary Skidmore) McAninch

8. Enoch George McAninch, son of Samuel and Polly (Mary Skidmore) McAninch

9. Permelia (Amelia) Catherine McAninch, daughter of Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McA.

10. Samuel James McAninch, son of Samuel and Polly (Mary Skidmore) McAninch

11. Sarah Harlan Mills, daughter of Polly (Mary) Susan McAninch Harlan, grand-dau. of Samuel

12. Arminta (Mint) McAninch Harlan, daughter of Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch

13. William S. McAninch, son of Samuel and Polly (Mary Skidmore) McAninch


The Ringgold County, Iowa, land transactions are presented below, organized by the various parcels of land. They are listed approximately in chronological order, during the time period from 1855 to 1873.


The first six land records show how the heirs of Samuel McAninch acquired the 200 acres in Iowa.


1. 40a, NW¼, SW¼, S10, T67N, R29W (Section 10, Township 67, Range 29W) (Lotts Creek Twp.)

1. a. 1855, Jan 24: Samuel Baird purchased from the U.S. Government, 40 acres for $50 (Source 1, Old Original Records, District of Chariton; #7161, 14-321, filed 24 Jan 1856)

1. b. Abner Smith purchased it from Samuel Baird before Sept. 8, 1855 (no known record of this).

1. c. On Sept. 8, 1855, James Hall purchased it from Abner Smith (Source 2, Ringgold County Deed Book A, pp. 22-23, filed Sep. 31, 1855 [yes Sep 31 even though Sep only has 30 days /Rosalie]

1. d. James Baker purchased it from James Hall and wife less than a month later, on May 13, 1856. (Source 2, Ringgold County, Iowa, Deed Book A, pg. 121, filed Jun 14 1856)

1. e. Another month later, June 11, 1856, Samuel J. [James] McAninch purchased this land from James and Cynthia W. Baker for $300 (Source 2, Deed Book A, pg. 124, filed Jun 14 1856)


Note: In 18 months, these 40 acres in Section 10, Lotts Creek Township, changed owners at least five times, and went up in price from $50 to $300. From looking at this and other land sales in the area at the same time, it is safe to assume that much land speculation was happening, and people were buying as an investment, many of them with no intentions of living on or farming the land.


Ringgold County, Iowa, 13/13ths Land Records, pg. 1 of 5 / Copyright 1998, by Rosalie Eben Schack

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