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Volume VI, Number 4, October 30, 1998. Re-printed November, 1999.


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Miscellaneous info, Queries, and Nuggets from recent letters (by States)

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(Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Scotland, Tennessee, Ulster)




History of Methodism at Coatesville [Indiana], by Dr. Stephen Hunt

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A Toast to Pioneer Spirit (Ringgold County, Iowa, 1850’s) [Enoch McAninch]

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Ringgold County, Iowa, Land Records, and the McAninch 13/13ths, 1855-1873

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Family Record by Hazel M. Houser (Alice M. Quay Papers) [McAninch, Ohio]

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The Editor’s Corner


First, a grand welcome to Grant and Marjorie (McAninch) Waggoner, 7757 Beltane Drive, San Jose, California 95135-2138. Originally from Kansas, Marjorie descends from Daniel [O.?] McAninch, of Kentucky; through Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch, of Hendricks County, Indiana; their son, Joseph McAninch, married Elizabeth Jane Quiett, 1845, and went to Iowa after the Civil War; their son Cyrus Clark McAninch, married Comfort Mirah Case, and their son, Peter Clark McAninch, her father.


Marjorie has been researching McAninch genealogy well over 30 years, including correspondence with Beatrice (McAninch) Bayless, Port Orchard, Washington, and Louise McAninch, Auburn, Indiana, and has some pictures from Old Pleasant Hill cemetery, Hendricks County. Welcome, Marjorie and Grant.


And, an editorial comment about the Houser / Quay papers, which were written in the 20th century, with no source citations. In this Internet age, with World Family Tree online, LDS IGI and Ancestral File on CD-ROM, et al, it’s still (even more) the individual responsibility of every serious genealogist to verify, correct, and continue their research. Although other researchers have not yet found evidence to support Hazel M. Houser’s earliest family (Alexander McAninch married Agnes Cornell, “in the War of 1812”, father of James Washington McAninch), we must continue the detective process, working from clues we have, until the puzzle is resolved. As a recent President said, “Trust, but verify” (Ronald Reagan).


Best wishes for fun Halloween, bountiful Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year 1999.


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