McA/Ninch Land Records in General Land Office, Bureau of Land Management


In “Public Land” states, the U.S. government obtained possession of the land (often, by Treaty with the original or current inhabitants), surveyed the land in square Sections and Townships, and then sold the land parcels to farmers and settlers at a federal General Land Offices (GLO), located in the same area. Thus, the initial transfer of land titles was from the federal government to individuals, by land Patents.


Federal government records of land Patents in 11 mid-western and southern states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin) are now available at the Bureau of Land Management and can be searched at <>. The land Patent Certificates have been scanned by BLM, and can be downloaded as image files, *.tiff.


The introduction and explanation on the BLM web site includes the following information:



“Welcome to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Eastern States, General Land Office (GLO)  Records Automation web site. This site provides live database and image access to more than two million federal land title records for the Eastern Public Land States, dating back to 1820.




This site offers researchers a source of information on the initial transfer of land titles from the federal government to individuals. In addition to verifying title transfer, this information will allow the researcher to place an individual (Patentee) at a specific location (Legal Land Description) in time (Signature date).




For more information regarding the GLO Automated Records System ... please contact ...


GLO Records Access Staff, Bureau of Land Management, Eastern States,


7450 Boston Boulevard,  Springfield, Virginia 22153-3121, (703) 440-1600”



There are 18 McA/Ninch land Patent records found in the General Land Office database of the BLM, in 6 states, between 1829 and 1905. There are no McA/I/Ninch records in 5 states (Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, and Ohio), and there are no McIninch records found in the BLM database.


The General Land Office records for Public Land Patents in two more States (Illinois and Iowa) are not online yet, and the BLM web site does not have any time estimates for the availability of those records.


Early McA/Ninch pioneers in these six states are summarized here, in alphabetical order, by States:






William H. McNinch (1905)



Daniel McAninch, Elisha McAninch, Samuel McAninch (1829-1848)



Oliver O. McAninch, S. O. McAninch (1896, 1905)



William McAninch (1843)



James W. McAninch, Samuel McAninch (1845, 1848, 1897)



Frank McNinch, George McNinch (1901, 1904)


For Cash Entry sales, at a Land Office, a numbered Receipt was issued on the day the payment was made (in person, at the Land Office), and the same Receipt Number was also used later as the number on the Patent Certificate. The Patent Certificates were signed “For the President of the United States”, by the Commissioner or Recorder of the General Land Office, Washington, D.C., and the date of that signature in Washington is shown as the “Signature Date” in the BLM database and on the web site.


There are two types of Patents in the database, Cash Entry sales, and Homestead claims.

No additional information is available for “Cash” sales, but separate Application papers were required for Homestead claims, and copies can be ordered. These records are presented here in chronological order, by states.


McAninch Land Records, General Land Office, Bureau of Land Management / Mc BLM GLO .doc

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