Henry McAninch, 1777-?1856 (“Henry, who went to Ohio”?)


Found! Another piece of the frontier McAninch puzzle, Henry McAninch, born 1777 in Pennsylvania.

Henry and his family were found cross-stitched on linen and hanging on a wall in Memphis, Tennessee.


This article is about Henry McAninch and his family (wife Mary, and three daughters), who moved

west from Pennsylvania (Armstrong County?), to Washington County, Ohio, in the very early 1800’s.

Of the three early pioneers [not three brothers] in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania [Henry, John,

and William McAninch, Note 1], this may be “Henry (who went to Ohio)” [Henry and Mary/Polly

McAninch, Armstrong County, 1807, Note 2].


This Henry McAninch and his family have been documented in a very unusual way, with their names

and birth dates cross-stitched onto a sewing sampler, made by their daughter Anna McAninch, in 1819,

when she was 13 or 14 years old. This sewing sampler is a primary genealogical source, by a member

of the family, during the lifetime of the people. The sampler gives us basic family information [Note 3]


Anna’s sampler is cross-stitched on a finely-woven linen, about 14 by 20 inches, and has been carefully

preserved down through 8 generations of her family [Note 7]. There are three sections in the sampler:


On the top, there are five runs of the alphabet – (1st) large block capitals A-P (red), then Q-Z on the

next line, and “A. McAninch” (gold/yellow); (2nd) large script capitals A-R (red), and (on next line)

S-Z, and digits 1234567890 (gold/yellow); (3rd, 4th) two runs of small block capitals A-Z and letters

A-Z (gold/yellow); then (5th) a run of lower-case letters, a-z, followed by large initials “A.M.” (red).



In the middle, Anna recorded her parents and sisters,

“Family Register



in the section titled Family Register. The five names

 Henry McAninch

May 18, 1777


and birth dates are cross-stitched, in block lettering,

 Mary McAninch

June 1, 1788


with black thread, just right of center on the sampler.

 Anna McAninch

Oct. 14, 1805



 Nancy McAninch

Oct. 28, 1807



 Sarah McAninch

March 24, 1810”



And, at the bottom of the sampler, Anna stitched her name, location,

“Anna McAninch


and date, in black thread, block letters, with fancy script scrollwork



on the capitals. There are five geometric patterns (a butterfly, three

 Washington County


trees or flowering plants), above the bottom border, with small birds

 State of Ohio


flowers, and interlaced patterns; colors are creams, roses and greens

 A. D. 1819”


The family information about Henry, Mary, and their three daughters can be summarized as follows:



Henry McAninch

born May 18, 1777, in Pennsylvania [born Pennsylvania, 1850 census]


died [probably 1856], Lick Township, Jackson Co., Ohio; [burial unknown]


[Will dated Jan. 15, 1847, filed Oct. 6, 1856, Jackson Co.; listed “McAuinch”]



Mary [Maiden

born June 1, 1788, in Pennsylvania  [born Penn., 1850, 1860 census]

Name Unknown]

died [after 1860] [prob. Lick Twp., Jackson Co., Ohio] [burial unknown]


1. Anna C. McAninch:

born October 14, 1805, in Pennsylvania [‘C.’, born Penn., 1860 census]


married David Tilton (b. Aug. 24, 1798), mar. Nov. 11, 1824, Washington County, Ohio


Anna died Jan. 15, 1886, at 243 W. 6th St., Cincinnati, Ohio, from a fall, and is buried in


Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, in daughter Mary C. (Mollie Tilton) Hunt's family plot




2. Nancy McAninch:

born October 28, 1807 [b. Penn.?, or Ohio?]; mar. Phillip Noel, Aug. 24,


1826, Washington County, Ohio [died before 1847; Henry left 1/3 of his estate to her heirs]




3. Sarah McAninch:

born March. 24, 1810 [b. Ohio?]; known as Sally, married Eli Moore.


McAninch Family History NL, VI-3  July, 1998  Copyright Frank McAninch   page 1998-24


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