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Volume VI, Number 3, July 24, 1998. Re-printed November, 1999.


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Henry McAninch, 1777-?1856 (b.1777, Penn.; “Henry, who went to Ohio”)

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McA/Ninch Land Records, General Land Office, Bureau of Land Management

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Miscellaneous info, and Nuggets from recent letters

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(Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas)




The Editor’s Corner


Wow! There are original, 18th-and-19th-century birth dates in this issue, from a sewing sampler made by a daughter of Henry McAninch (“Henry, who went to Ohio”?), preserved and handed down through eight generations of their family. Henry and his wife Mary had three daughters, but no McAninch sons, and we believe that this is the first time that this McAninch family information has ever been published.


And, welcome to Liz Watson (5158 Dry Ridge Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45252), g5-great-grand-daughter of Henry and Mary. Among other family heirlooms (including a Civil War diary, by Jesse C. Hunt), the sewing sampler has been in the family since it was originally made by Anna McAninch in 1819. Giant ‘Thank You’s to Anna, who recorded family info on the sewing sampler, to Liz, who responded to a query on the Internet, and to the people of generations between, for preserving this wonderful record.


The largest Scottish Festival and Highland Games in Southern California are held at the Orange County fairgrounds, over Memorial Day weekend. We tried the “traditional recipe” (lamb) haggis, mostly oats, strongly seasoned (Cayenne pepper), and heard that “Mac Nino” caused all the bad weather in Scotland


Clan MacInnes was not there (they go to the Labor Day games in Northern California), but Clan Gregor includes “MacAngus/MacInnes/MacCanish” with “a tradition of MacGregor connection but... currently little documentary evidence”. And, both Clan Donald and Clann Iain Mhoir (Clan Donald-South) have many Scot names from County Antrim, only 20 miles across the straits from Scotland. When MacInnes broke up, some lived on MacGregor land, and some may have gone to Antrim, service of MacDonalds?


Technology Watch: Scanners -- a great Internet web site, lots of info at Wayne Fulton’s site, devoted to scanners, for multiple uses, not just for genealogy -- <>


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