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Volume VI, Number 2, April 15, 1998. Re-printed November, 1999.


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The George C. McAninch Family, of Callaway County, Missouri

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John S. and Jane (Armstrong) McIninch, and Family, New Brunswick, Canada

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The Enoch G. McAninch Family (of Ringgold County, Iowa)

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The Editor’s Corner


Welcome to the “El Nino” edition; as we continue to watch the Spring rains, we can only hope that the worst will be over soon for this year (flooding in Northern California, and Watertown, N. Y.; tornadoes in central Florida; ice storms across Kentucky and Tennessee; drought in Indonesia and the tropics etc.)


Despite the bad weather, this issue brings information on three different McA/Ininch families, including new Missouri connections, found among the old family papers and passed down across the generations. Hopefully, the weather will be better, and Spring in full bloom in your area when you receive this issue.


Kentucky Query:

These five McAninch-Ross marriages were performed in Casey County, Kentucky.

Would like to know how these Ross' are related to each other, and to any other Ross' in that county.

Will share my Ross data with anyone having a Ross connection in Casey County [(417)-881-4280]

1. George McAninch married Mary Elizabeth Ross, 27 July 1817.  [George A. McAninch]

2. Henry Howard [Howell] McAninch married Malissa Ross, about 1843.  [H.H., Howe McAninch]

3. Elizabeth Jane McAninch married John Jordan Ross, 21 Mar 1850.  [dau. of George A. McA.]

4. William F McAninch married Mary E Ross, 18 May 1880.  [son of Wm. B., g-son of Geo. A.] 

5. Malissa McAninch married William D Ross, 19 Dec 1886.  [dau. of Geo. W., g-dau. of Wm. B.]

Ellwyn L Worley, 828 W. Westview St, Springfield, MO 65807-4646,


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