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Volume VI, Number 1, January 30, 1998. Re-printed November, 1999.


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Irish Surnames, Scotch-Irish in Pennsylvania, and Ulster Update

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Seymour McAninch, of Morrow County, Ohio, born May 22, 1861

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McAninch in the Methodist Episcopal Church, Coatesville and Amo, Indiana

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The Editor’s Corner


Welcome, Glenn and Rosalie Schack (714 Mineral Springs Road, Owatonna, Minnesota 55060). Glenn's father, Robert, and his brother Richard (810 East 29th Street, Vancouver, Washington 98663), are sons of Ewaldt and Estella Leone (McAninch) Schack, in Minnesota. They trace their line through Perry Moses and Estella McAninch; Oliver Olin and Deborah E. (Gildersleeve) McAninch in Ringgold County, Iowa; Joseph P. and Elizabeth Jane (Quiett) McAninch, moved from Indiana to Iowa; Samuel and Polly (Skidmore) McAninch, Hendricks Co., Indiana; back to Daniel [O.?] McAninch in Kentucky.


Also, welcome back, Frank McAninch, Liberty, Kentucky (1341 Ivan Godbey Road, 42539). Frank’s parents are Marshall and Vivien (Durham) McAninch, Richmond, Kentucky. Marshall and Frank are descendants of Daniel McAninch, Lincoln County (now Casey County), 1799, and his son George A. McAninch, born 1794, and believed buried in Old Willow Springs Cemetery, Casey County, Kentucky. Congratulations, Frank, on your recent marriage, and good luck with your research in the Argyle area, history of Rich Hill Knob, church founded about 1860, and the adjacent cemetery (many McAninch’s).


And, let me recommend the Scotch-Irish e-mail list (subscribe free at <>), a well-managed list mixing genealogy and history, with knowledgeable contributors on both sides of the Atlantic. Discussion “reflects the language, history, migrations, and the realities of researching public records and genealogical data archives, and includes questions of local customs and history, or of regional or national history which affected the lives of these people” (policy, Linda Merle, List Owner)


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