Miscellaneous info,  and Nuggets from recent letters (by States, alphabetical order)


Kentucky: 1816,1817; John McAninch, son of Daniel, has already gone to Giles County, Tennessee

(he’s on their 1812 Tax List), and his name is referenced on the land surveys of two new owners –

1816-12-30 [survey, Casey Co.]  “Minnich [sic], John, Assigned claim to Robert Price”, and

1817-10-08 [survey, Casey Co.]  “McImmick [sic], John, Assigned claim to Richard Shackleford”;

page 386, in Some Original Land Grant Surveys Along Green River in Lincoln and Casey Counties, Kentucky (1781-1836), by James Franklin Sutherland, pub. Casey County Bicentennial Committee [Liberty, KY], 1975 (also names “Potts, Frederick” on both surveys) [LDS fiche 6051189, 5 of 6].


New Brunswick: re McIninch, McNintch, and MacNintch -- “The story has been passed down in the

family that Asa changed the spelling to McNintch” [cf. "McIninch, Asa, boot and shoemaker, born

circa 1831 in N.B., living in 1851 in Wakefield Parish” (N.B.) (McA.F.H.NL, August 1996, pg.3)].

Asa’s son, Rev. Abner Mesereau MacNintch, was a Baptist minister in New Brunswick and Nova

Scotia. “Abner is my husband’s grandfather. My husband’s father Laurie moved to Moncton, New

Brunswick from Nova Scotia around 1916, and his brother Robie also lived there, and they changed

the name to Mac spelling. I have been doing research for about 25 years and never have found any

McNinchs with a T except our immediate family. I recently received [copy of] the 50th anniversary

invitation for Asa and Catherine with the name spelled McNintch.” [mar. 1858 (New Brunswick?)]

letter from Joan Nugent MacNintch, 20 Pepperidge Trail, Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475


Pennsylvania: 1750-1753, Cumberland Co. Tax Lists; earlier reports of “McCannish” in Hamilton

Twp. (pg. 43, 1753 on pg. 80) and Peters Twp. (1753, pg. 86) are really “McCamish”, a common

surname there, on microfilm “J.B.H. Roll No. 45 April 1950”, by Genealogical Society of Utah; at

the start of the film: “The written list of Taxables was compiled from data contained in I.D. Rupp’s

History of Cumberland and from a list published in American Volunteer [newspaper] in May 1871”

[so, the 1950 film, and recent Cumberland County Tax List publications (e.g. Merri Lou Scribner

 Schaumann, 1972, 1988), relied on earlier transcriptions, and the original records have been lost].


Pennsylvania: 1798 Direct Tax. “Under Act of 14 July 1798 (1 Stat. 597), Congress created the

first tax of its citizens . . . [Pennsylvania] lists are the most complete in existence, and are available

on microfilm . . . [however] No records exist for Western Penna. north of the Allegheny River,

territory which in 1798 was part of Allegheny County.” . . .  

“(Information is from: Pamphlet accompanying Microcopy 372: United States Direct Tax of 1798

for the State of Pennsylvania, National Archives and Records Service, 1963; and Guide to

Genealogical Research in the National Archives, 1982)”, cited by Helen L. Harriss C.G., Pittsburg,

in her 1986 Index Books to the 1798 Direct Tax in Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania: 1808, "McEnineh, Archible [sic] I 150A" ["Improved" land, 150 acres], on Tax List,

Toby Township, Armstrong County, re-printed in Armstrong County Genealogy Club Quarterly,

Vol. I, No. 1, pg. 12, Fall Quarterly 1995, at 300 N. McKean, Box 735, Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

This is Archibald McAninch, born ca.1760-1770, Westmoreland County Frontier Rangers (1794),

Sugar Creek Township, Armstrong County (1810 Census), and then downriver to Ohio (1820 and

1830 Census), as reported earlier this year (McAninch F.H.NL, Vol. IV, No. 2, May 1996, pg. 4).


Pennsylvania: est.1820-1825. Nancy McAninch mar. Hugh Gillispie, and their son Cornelius

Gillispie was born 20 Jan. 1826. Cornelius was a merchant, mar. Jane Spencer, and, at age 27,

died 28 May 1853, Manorville, Armstrong Co. (cause of death: "empyeme of the left side the -?-

of plumetis"), buried "Culpst (?) Burial, 1/2 mi. from Redbank". Register of Deaths, 1853-1855,

Armstrong County Courthouse, entry No. 36; Lankerd-Thomas Library, Armstrong County

Historical Society, Kittanning, Pennsylvania.


McAninch Family History Newsletter   Vol. IV, No. 4, December 1996    page 1996-30


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