Miscellaneous info,  and Nuggets from recent letters (by States, alphabetical order)


Colorado: 1860 census, mining camps and towns in the Rocky Mountains, Valley of the Platte River

(up river, south-west of present-day Denver), enumerated as western part of Arapahoe Co., Kansas:


Wm Day

29  M




[these six listed as one “household”]

J.L.A. Reece

32  M




[1860, film M653, roll 348, pg. 824]

P.C. Morrill

30  M





J. McAnich

28  M




[so, estimate born About 1831-1832]

J.L. Seward

33  M





H.S. Parker

27  M






 “The 1860 Federal Census taken on the Great Plains had some jurisdictional anomalies worth noting. ... What became Colorado was part of four territories ... The mining camps and towns in the part of Colorado then Kansas Territory [east of the Continental Divide (Utah Territory), south of Nebraska Territory, and north of New Mexico Territory] were enumerated in Arapahoe County.” page 51, in

Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920, by William Thorndale and William Dollarhide.

[The new Colorado Territory was organized the next year, in 1861]


New Brunswick: January 1843: "Eliza McIninch" was removed from the records of the United Baptist Church, Jacksontown, Carleton County, N.B., Canada (found by Madeline Gifford, Bangor, Maine)


Ontario: Marriage, 1849: “In Blanshard, March 27th, Ewen Cameron and Janet, eldest daughter of John McAinsh [sic], late of Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, now all of Blanshard (Rev. T. Williams)”, pg.189, Ontario Marriage Notices, Thomas B. Wilson, Hunterdon House, Lambertville N.J., 1982


Pennsylvania: 1779: “Jno. McCanich”?, Single Freemen list, Colerain [sic] Township, Bedford Co. [clearly “Mc-ich”, script could be “McCamich”; Bedford County Historical Society, Bedford, PA.]


Pennsylvania: 1798 Direct Tax, Washington County, Pennsylvania, book by Helen L. Hariss, 1986 -- “McCanuckey, Samuel”, Donegal Twp (pg. 2), and “McCarmich, William”, Hopewell Twp. (p. 13)


Texas: “McInnish, John IA-21746R filed 6 April 1883 in TX, Ind War S-#3795, served in the Georgia Volunteers under Major Nelson in 1836”, pg. 460, in Index To Old Wars Pension Files, 1815-1926, transcribed by Virgil D. White, pub. 1993, National Historical Publishing Co., Waynesboro, Tenn.


Ulster: 1752: Ballypriormore graveyard, Ballypriormore townland, Islandmagee parish, Co. Antrim:

“Here lyeth ye body of Margaret McN(in)ch [sic], who departed Oct. ye 1st 1752, aged 67 years, late wife to Alexander McKinstry”, Gravestone Insriptions, County Antrim, Vol. I, Islandmagee, pg. 48, pub. Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, 1977 [no other McA/I/Ninch in first two Volumes].


Ulster: Drumaduan townland, Ballyrashane, County Antrim:

[a] “Near the county boundary, a lane leads in to various small farms ... Griffiths Valuation gives the Drumaduan farms as ... [map numbers ?]

William Davis 24, Rev. John Alexander 54, Samuel Wallace 110, David Leslie 20, John Manus 15.

[b] In 1850 David Leslie, widower, farmer, Drumaduin, son of Samuel Leslie, farmer, married Eliza McVicar of Ballyhunsley in Ballywatt. McAninchs are also said to have had a farm in this lane at a time ...

[c] in 1846 Hugh McAninch, farmer, Drumaduin, son of John McAninch, married Anna McColgin in Ballywatt.”

Families of Ballyrashane, A District in Northern Ireland, by Rev. T.H. Mullen, pg. 199; pub. News Letter Printing Co., Ltd., Belfast, 1969 [at the Newberry Library]


McAninch Family History Newsletter   Vol. IV, No. 3, August 1996, pg. 2     page 1996-22


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