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Volume IV, Number 3, August 15, 1996. Re-printed November, 1999


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Miscellaneous info, and Nuggets from recent letters

page 1996-22

(Colorado, New Brunswick, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ulster)




McAninch/McIninch/McNinch in Recently-Published Canadian Sources

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McAninch Land Records in Early Armstrong County, Pennsylvania [Part 1]

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The Editor’s Corner


Ah, summer at the beach in Southern California — sunshine, surf, bicycle rides, afternoon breezes

(push the smog inland), long walks on our world-famous pier, and beach volleyball, which even made

it to the Olympics this year in Atlanta. Amidst all the summer activities, and an overtime schedule at

work, it’s been tough to get any research done, and there are no significant break-throughs to report.


As planned, Jan and I did travel through western Pennsylvania and upstate New York in late May.

Her Mauk line came from Bedford, Pennsylvania, through Clarion County, and then west to Oklahoma.

We also stopped at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, and then up the Allegheny River to Kittanning,

the county seat of Armstrong County, and made copies of all the McAninch records at the Court House.

Went north to the St. Lawrence River and Thousand Islands for Memorial Day weekend, to visit son

Kevin, at Fort Drum, Watertown, New York, including a pleasant day-trip to visit Kingston, Ontario.


Later, a brief trip to Chicago gave me the opportunity to see Lillian again, and we spent a Saturday

reading and researching at the Newberry Library downtown. They have an extensive collection of Irish

sources, and I read as much County Antrim material as possible in one day. After reading about the

Scottish Clans, and the extensive travel across the narrow strait, I believe that our ancestors lived near

Coleraine, in the River Bann valley, and on the north coast of Antrim, but not in the Glynns of Antrim.


Also, we’ve (re-) joined the electronic age, and are now on-line again, through AT&T Worldnet, on

the Internet at “” (POPserver “” if you need that).

“FrankMac” is an old office nickname, to distinguish me from other Franks in the same company, and

“Mac” pre-conditions people to pronounce the surname correctly, even though we spell it “Mc”. In any

case, we’d love to hear from you, please keep those cards, letters, and e-mail coming.


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