William McCandish, Sr., of Buffalo Valley, Central Pennsylvania


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William McCandish (Sr.) [could this William be the progenitor of McAninch’s in Penn.?]


Born - est. Abt 1730 Ireland; Died - Abt. 1783. Bur. - Buffalo Twp., Perry, PA


the Annals of Buffalo Valley 1755-1855, collated by John Blair Linn, 1877:


(Buffalo valley is in present day Perry County, formed 1820 from Cumberland County.


Buffalo Township was formed 1799 from Greenwood and Rye Townships).


"In this year William McCandish, senior, and Samuel Martin came from North Britain,


and settled on the Billmyer place -etc" (page 62)


(1775 tax list, pg. 71)     McCandlish, Wm.    16 acres      2 horses      3 cows


      [and the next line]    Martin, Samuel        15               2                2


election, Northumberland Co., “... held at George McCandlish” [prob. son George, below]


Inhabitants of Buffalo Twp., April 1780 “William McCandlish, senior and junior (p.181)


and “... returned money for taxation only: ... William McCandlish, 40 pounds” (pg. 182)


“Among the deaths this year, William McCandlish, senior, of Buffalo (Will, Sept. 11.


Children: Peter, John, George, Grizzelda, William junior, Jennette, Alexander and Martin.


Mr. McCandlish lived on place now owned by John Lesher, in Buffalo township” pg. 231)


[Will] 11 Sep 1783; [Will Date] 2/11/1783; [Probated] 9/20/1783


[The Deceased] McCandlish, [?] W, Sr.; [Town/Township] Buffalo


[Heirs] WF. Mary, CH. Peter, John, George, Grizzel, Janet, Alexander, Martin, William Jr.


Wills and Administrations of Northumberland County, Penn., Charles A. Fisher, pg. 20-21.


[In his old age, did William live with son George, Northumberland Co.? prob. died there?].


sp- Mary McCandish (maiden_name_unknown)



Died - est. Bef 1783 PA

( not named in husband's will, 11 Sep 1783 )


2 -

Peter McCandish

[children listed in the order they were named in the Will]



Born - est. 1745/1755 Ireland

("all prob born Ireland - Wm Sr to US ca 1774" [Nancy])


2 -

John McCandish

[could this be the "John McC[McA?]inch” in the 1800 ]



Born - est. 1745/1755 Ireland

[census, East Hanover Township, Dauphin County?]


2 -

George McCandish




Born - est. 1745/1755 Ireland

[election held at his place, 1776, so, at least 21 by then]



1776: election, Northumberland Co. “... held at George McCandlish ...” (Linn, op.cit., p.94)



1790: First Census of Pennsylvania, p.185; Northumberland Co. (not returned by townships)



      McCandlish, George males 1 under 16, 2 over 16; females 3 [total]


2 -

Grizzelda McCandish




Born - est. 1750/1760 Ireland



2 -

Jennette McCandish




Born - est. 1750/1760 Ireland



2 -

Alexander McCandish

[could this be Alexander McAninch, b. 17 Jun 1767?]



Born - est. 1755/1765 Ireland



2 -

Martin McCandish




Born - est. 1755/1765 Ireland



2 -

William McCandish




Born - est. 1755/1765 Ireland

("b.ca 1760? inhabitant Buffalo Twp, April 1780" [Nancy])



1790: First Census of Pennsylvania, p.113; Franklin County, Fannet, Hamilton,



Letterkenny, Montgomery and Peters Townships (western half of County):



      McCandlish, William males 0 under 16, 1 over 16; females 1 [total]



[could this be William McAninch, Dublin Township, Huntingdon County, and wife Elizabeth



1810-1820-1830-1840 census, 6 sons, 5 daughters, poss..sons Alexander, John, and James?]




[Source: research, William McCandish/McCandlish, Buffalo Valley, by Nancy Emery, Spokane WA]




McAninch Family History Newsletter   Vol. IV, No. 2, May 1996, pg. 5     page 1996-17


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