McA/I/Ninch in the Old Parochial Registers Index for Scotland


Last October, in Salt Lake City, Lillian researched the “Old Parochial Registers” Index, which is on micro-fiche at the LDS Library there (the OPR Index is “British Crown Copyright”, and the originals of the church registers are now in the possession of the Scottish Records Office, Edinburgh, Scotland).


The Old Parochial Registers (OPR) Index is an index of about 10.5 million names listed in old Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) parish registers, and contains entries dating from the late 1500’s up through 31 December 1854. Information in the index includes given name(s), surname, parents or spouse, and christening or marriage date and place.


Church of Scotland records (old parochial registers) may be the best source of family information before 1855, which was when civil registration began in Scotland. They may include as much as 60 percent of the population of Scotland during that time, according to the OPR guide at the LDS Library.


This report is a hybrid, including all McA/I/Ninch entries from the OPR Index [but not McInnis(h)], augmented with some Civil Registration info (all McA/Ininch info, but McNinch info up to 1860 only; civil data was extracted from LDS International Genealogical Index (tm), 1988 Edition, Version 2.10).


The list below is in full alphabetical order, surname-by-surname, so check all spellings when looking for a particular individual. The three event codes are B, born, C, christening, and M, marriage.



McAninch, Ann

M: 12 Oct 1844

Spouse: Peter Tinnie

H & K, Renfrew




[“H & K”, Houston And Killellan, Renfrew, Scot.]


McAninch, Bridget

B: 8 May 1866

Henry McA, Bridget Walls

H & K, Renfrew


McAninch, Charles

M: 1 Oct 1847

Spouse: Sarah Lamond

H & K, Renfrew


McAninch, Fanny

M: 25 Jun 1836

Spouse: George Whyte

H & K, Renfrew


McAninch, Hugh

B: 2 Feb 1870

James McA, Martha Allan

Mearns, Renfrew


McAninch, James

M: 10 Sep 1853

Spouse: Helen Malloy

H & K, Renfrew


McAninch, Janet

B: 15 Nov 1858

Henry McA, Bridget Walls

H & K, Renfrew


McAninch, John

B: 27 Dec 1863

Henry McA, Bridget Walls

H & K, Renfrew


McAninch, Letitia

B: 18 Jul 1861

Henry McA, Bridget Walls

H & K, Renfrew


McAninch, Margaret

M: 13 Jun 1873

Spouse: Hugh McKirdy

MorN G, Renfrew



[“MorN, G, R”, Middle Or New Parish, Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland]



McA., Mary Ann

B: 8 Apr 1857

Henry McA, Bridget Walls

H & K, Renfrew


McA., Robert James

B: 18 Jul 1861

Henry McA, Bridget Walls

H & K, Renfrew


McAninch, Sarah

B: 19 Feb 1873

James McA, Martha Allan

Mearns, Renfrew


McAninch, William

B: 24 Jun 1855

Henry McA, Bridget Walls

H & K, Renfrew


McA., Wm Forbes

B: 18 Mar 1857

James McA, Helen Malloy

H & K, Renfrew


McIninch, Agnes

B: 9 Feb 1865

Robert McI, Maria Williamson

Campsie, Stirling


McIninch, John

M: 21 Mar 1853

Catherine Walker

Abbey (Paisley) Renfrew


McIninch, Robert

M: 13 May 1864

Maria Williamson


Campsie, Stirling


McIninchie, William

C: 10 Jun 1736

Father: John McI


Inveravon, Banff







McAninch Family History Newsletter   Vol. IV, No. 1, February 1996, pg. 10    page 1996-10


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