McAninch in Early Court Records, Giles County, Tennessee


1824: Saturday, 29 May 1824, Giles County Court Records, page 193 --

Archibald McKissisck Assignee

as Plt. [Plaintiff]

}  In Debt

Against John McAnninch [sic]

Deft [Defendant]


“From the judgment of the court in this case rendered the defendant prayed an appeal to the honorable the Circuit court to be held for the County of Giles, and having entered into bond and security according to law the same was granted to him.”,

“Transcription of the County Archives of Tennessee, Giles County Court Minutes, Volume H, 1823‑1825”, by Tennessee Historical Records Survey, Works Project Admin., January 1942; published by Mountain Press, Signal Mountain TN 37377 [pages 142-143 in published book].


1825: Tuesday, 22 February 1825, Giles County Court Records, page 326 --

“A Deed of conveyance from John McAnnich to James Buford for nineteen acres and thirty-one poles of land was produced in open court and Execution … proven by the oaths of Henry Hagen and Charles C. Abernathy the subscribing witnesses … and ordered to be certified for registration.”


1825: Tuesday morning, 16 August 1825, Giles County Court Records, pages 437 and 468 --

p. 437, John McAnnick [sic] in jury; p.468, John McAmrick [sic] in jury [pg. 334, 358 in pub. bk]


1825: Tuesday, 23 August 1825, Giles County Court Records, page472 --

John McAnnick [sic]

Plt. [Plaintiff]

}  In Case

Against William Maxwell

Deft [Defendant]


“This day came the parties by their attornies and thereupon came a jury of good and lawful men, to wit, Robert Black, Jack Young Jnr., Martin Griffin, Joseph S. Tarkington, Milton S. Haynie, Charles Deavers, Stirling H. Lester, Bernard M. Patterson, Andrew M. Ballantine, George Everly, Alexander Stinson & Thomas C. Porter, who being elected tried and Sworn well and truly to try the issue joined between the parties … do say that they find said issue in favor of the plaintiff and assess his damages by reason of the declaration mentioned to twenty-five dollars besides costs.

It is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover of said defendant the damages aforesaid, in form aforesaid by the Jurors aforesaid assessed, and also his cost by him ... expended.”


1825: Tuesday morning, 24 November 1825, Giles County Court Records, page 498 --

William Maxwell

Plt. [Plaintiff]

}  Certiorari

Against John McAnnick [sic]

Deft [Defendant]


“This day came the parties by their attornies, and by consent this suit is ordered to be dismissed at the cost of the defendant. It is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover of said Defendant his costs by him ... expended.” [pg. 382 in pub. book]


1825: Thursday, 19 May 1825, Giles County Court Records, page 401 --

“Henry McAnnick [sic] and William Fogg comes into court and acknowledges himself indebted to the State of Tennessee in the sum of two hundred & fifty dollars to be levied of their goods and chattles lands and tenments [sic] to the use of the State to be void on condition that the said Henry McAnnick appear here on Friday next, and prosecute and give evidence, the said Wm. Fogg, to give evidence on behalf of the State against William Wood & others overseers of the Prewit Gap road from Pulaski to Maury County line, and not depart without leave of the court.” [Henry prosecute?]


1825: Tuesday, 24 May 1825, Giles County Court Records, p. 424, and again in November, p. 495 --

Henry McAnnick [sic] in jury list, May, and November [pages 322, 380 in published book]


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