Found: Daniel McAninch's 400 Acres (and then lost again, in twenty minutes!)


In 1812, Daniel McAninch had 140 acres in Casey County surveyed, reported earlier with the Kentucky land grants [Kentucky State Archives, “Land Grant Surveys South of Green River”, Survey No. 11597, McAninch FHNL, Aug. 1994, page 4]. However, although there was an index entry for another survey of 400 acres in 1813, we didn’t find that record until last October, since it wasn't recorded until 1817, in a later Volume. In those days, the owner often kept the original papers, and passed them to next owner; using the grant certificate and/or survey documents to prove title. In this case, these 400 acres changed hands 3 times before John Casey's purchase was recorded in 1817. Hence, the “found, and then lost” in the title; Daniel did not keep this land, so it was “lost again” in the time it took to read the old script.


The 1813 survey, 400 acres, surveyed for Daniel McAninch – [with survey sketch:]







            G x                                     E                                 /|\              



                        \ [F to G]                x                                  | [North]   



             /                      \                 /                \ [D to E]    |               



                                                 F /                         \                            



      H x                                           x                                                     


400 acres



Casey [Co.]

                  \                                   J x                                            x   



            [H to I] \                                         \                                  x C


Rec’d 29th

                                    \                 /                \                      B x       


Sept. 1817

                              [H to I] \                       [J to A] \                /         


No. 14437

                                                      x I                                 x A             





“Surveyed for David McAnench [sic] 400 acres of Lands by virtue of entry made the 4 day November 1807 on a Certificate granted by Lincoln County Court at the December 1803 [session] Situate in the County of Casey on the West side of Fishing Creek on the dividing ridge between Russells[?] creek and Egmersom [sp?] creek and bounded as follows To wit

Beginning on John Boids [?] line ass[ign]ee of George Egnew at [point] A on a poplar and two dogwoods thence N. 20 E. 56 poles to a Hickory and Cherritree [sic] on said Boids line at [point] B thence N. 62 E. 26 poles on said Boids [line] to [point] C thence N. 30 E. 40 poles to a black oak and white oak at D thence N. 58 W 300 poles to an ash and ironwood Being the Southeast corner of William [end of pg. 271] William wires [?] entry at [point] E thence S. 15 W. 90 poles to a poplar[,] Cherritree and walnut being the Southwest corner of said William Wires [?] entry at [point] F thence N. 56 W. 250 poles on said Wires [?] southwest line to two poplars at G thence S. 15 W. 120 poles to a white oak and beech at H thence S. 56 E. 320 poles to a white oak and Dogwood at I thence North 120 poles to a black oak and white oak at J thence S. 55 E. 260 to the beginning

Surveyed 12th day of August 1813”

Jona. McComb D.S. [Jonathon McC.]


John Jones S.C.C.  [Rev. John Jones]


[1813] “September the 22nd 1813


For value received I assign all my right title interest and claim + demand to the within plat + certificate to Thomas Connersen [sic] and Request that the Patent be issued to him witness my hand


Test John Jones  /  Daniel McAninch” [Daniel, not David]

[1814] “October the 4th 1814


For value received I assign all my right title and claim of the within plot to Gillem Hopper


Atest Alex. Campbell  /  Thomas Conner Sen. [sic]” [Senior]



“For value received I assign all my right title + interest to the within platt unto John Casey witness

my hand this 28th of June 1817

Test Jesse Caffey  /  Gillem Hopper” [end of pg. 272]


[Source: "Land Grant Surveys South of Green River", Survey No. 14437, Vol. 16, pg. 271-2, surveyed

Aug. 12, 1813, but not recorded until Sept. 29, 1817; Kentucky State Archives, Frankfort, Kentucky]


McAninch Family History Newsletter   Vol. IV, No. 1, February 1996, pg. 7    page 1996-07


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