William George McAninch (1825-1854)

by Kathy McAninch, Houston, Texas


In writing about William George McAninch, I [Kathy] wish to give credit to an earlier genealogy

compiled by Dora Rayworth McAninch who had done extensive research on the family of Elias B.

McAninch that lead to clues of the family of William George McAninch.


William George McAninch was born in Giles County, Tennessee about 1825. His father was

William McAninch. Although Maria Starr was listed as William's wife in the 1850 DeSoto County,

Mississippi census, I have come to believe that William's mother's first name is unknown but probably

had the last name of Brown, and that Maria was his step-mother and the mother of the children born

to William after 1838. William George was the first son of William and <unknown> Brown and lived

with his family in Tennessee until about the mid 1830's. It was about this time the Indian lands in

northern Mississippi came open to settlement and the William McAninch family were already settled

in the southern part of DeSoto County near the Coldwater River and current Tate County before 1838.


William George McAninch grew into manhood in Mississippi and met Louisa Jane Nelson. Louisa

was the daughter of Alexander and Sarah Nelson (maiden_name_unknown). Sarah was born in

Alabama about 1831. On Nov. 1, 1849, William George and Louisa Sarah were married in DeSoto

County, Mississippi, by W.J. Wise, who was the Justice of the Peace. William George and Louisa

started their family while farming in DeSoto County. They lived near Louisa's parents and family in

DeSoto County. They had a daughter born in 1853: Rachel L. McAninch. We learn through probate

records that William George McAninch was known as George McAninch.


From a family story we learn that William George McAninch's life ended suddenly. Apparently an

accident occurred while William George was hunting in the fall of 1854. It was especially hard as

William George's father William McAninch had died in the spring of 1854. I believe William George

McAninch is buried in an unmarked grave in the McAninch cemetery in DeSoto County, Mississippi.


Louisa Jane Nelson McAninch eventually met and married Marshall H. Rich. They lived in

Chickasaw County, Mississippi. Rachel L. McAninch lived with her mother and stepfather and

brothers and sisters. In the 1870 census we find Rachel is reported using her step father's last name

[Rich] instead of McAninch.



[Editor’s Note:] Three other biographies by Kathy McAninch have appeared in these pages earlier:


1. Samuel D. McAninch (1825-1869), Giles County, Tennessee, and Memphis, Shelby County,

Tennessee; father of Samuel J. McAninch, born January 16, 1857, in Memphis, Shelby County,

Tennessessee.  McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. II, No. 4, December 1994, page 7.


2. Elias Brown McAninch (1829-1890), Giles County, Tennessee, DeSoto County, Mississippi,

married Sarah Elizabeth Ross, and moved to Milam County, Texas.

McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. III, No. 2, February 1996, page 4.


3. John F. McAninch (1833-1913), Shelby County, Tennessee, and DeSoto County, Mississippi.

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McAninch Family History Newsletter   Vol. IV, No. 1, February 1996, pg. 6    page 1996-06


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