McA/I/Ninch in the Published Pennsylvania State Archives (continued)



McAnitch [sic] [no first name], taxed in Rye Township, Cumberland Co., on 100 acres,


2 horses, 0 cattle, and 0 negroes (Third Series, Vol. 20, p. 752, Cumberland County 1785)


[Rye Township created 1766, from Tyrone Township (established 1754); this land now in


present-day Perry County, which was established in 1820, set off from Cumberland Co.].



McNinch, Archd [Archibald], Westmoreland County Rangers, same man, 2 payroll lists:


[a] “Received from the State of Pennsylvania. By the hand of John Wilkins Ju’r [sic]


      the amount [a]nnexed to my name, being in full for the pay due me for the service of


      my rifle in the troops commanded by Captain Sloan, Year 1794.”


      [added at end of list] “And. McNinch March 19 [1794] 2 [dollars]”, [pg. 629], and


[b] “A pay roll of the Westmoreland County Rangers under the command of


      Captain John Sloan’s company at Plum Creek and other stations, 1794.


      Commencement of pay April 1st, 1794. Time of discharge Dec’r 6th, 1794.”


      “Archd. McNinch Private 54 [dollars] 59 [cents]”


(Sixth Series, Vol. 5, page 629 and 795, in the section “Pennsylvania Militia 1790-1800”).


[Westmoreland Co. created 1773, set off from Bedford (whose parent was Cumberland)].



McAnish, John, taxed on 99 acres, Armstrong County, April 12, 1838 [no township listed]


(Third Series, Vol. 26 pg. 654, Armstrong County 1801-1884), [this is believed to be John


McAninch of Sugar Creek Twp., pioneer in Armstrong Co., born ca.1755-1765, Ireland;


Armstrong Co. established 1800, from parts of Allegheny, Lycoming, and Westmoreland]



McNinch, John, xs.[sic, xs?] Indiana County, 99 acres, Warrantees of Land, Apr. 12, 1838


(Third Series, Vol. 26 pg. 672, Indiana County 1805-1894, Warrantees of Land). [Indiana


Co. created 1803, from parts of Lycoming and Westmoreland; Armstrong borders Indiana


on the west, so, could be the same John McAninch? (same tract size, exact same date)?].



McAninah, Alex. Ex.[Executor(s)?], Huntingdon County, 75 acres, Jan. 28, 1845


[no township listed] (Third Series, Vol. 25, pg. 745, Huntingdon County 1787-1889).


[Huntingdon County created 1787, from Bedford (originally part of Cumberland County);


most of original Dublin Township, Cumberland Co., now in present-day Huntingdon Co.].



The Townships of Mother Cumberland, including Bedford, Blair, Centre, Cumberland,


Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata, Mifflin, and Perry Counties, Pennsylvania; 1943,


by Raymond Martin Bell, Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, Pennsylvania.


McA/I/Ninch in the First Census of the United States


In 1790, First Census of the United States, Pennsylvania, lists two McAninch’s and 2 McNinch’s:

1790:  1.

McAninch, Daniel  3-1-4-0-0, Washington Township, Westmoreland County (pg. 268)


3 Free white males, 16 years and upward

1 Free white males under 16 years


4 Free white females (wife and 3 daughters?)

0 No other free persons, 0, no slaves

1790:  2.

McAninch, John  1-1-3-0-0; in Derry Township, Westmoreland County (page 260)


1 Free white males, 16 years and upward;

1 Free white males under 16 years


3 Free white females (wife and 2 daughters?)

0 No other free persons, 0, no slaves

1790:  3.

McNinch, John  1-2-2-0-0, City of Philadelphia, occupation listed “Weaver” (p.224)

1790:  4.

McNinch, Patrick  1-6-3-0-0, Northumberland Co. (not returned by townships; p.187)


McAninch Family History Newsletter   Vol. IV, No. 1, February 1996, pg. 4    page 1996-04


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