McA/I/Ninch in the Published Pennsylvania State Archives


Over a period of approximately 100 years, beginning 1838, the State of Pennsylvania published its

basic records in 137 volumes under the titles of The Colonial Records and the Pennsylvania Archives,

in 10 series, varying numbers of volumes in each. Of the 10 there are 4 series of primary importance

to genealogists, namely the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th (3rd Series, Vol. 27-30, is Index to the complete set).


The 2nd and 3rd series were compiled between 1874 and 1899, when the new patriotic societies were

growing and the demand for information regarding ancestors was increasing. They contain marriage

records, military rosters, passenger lists, and long lists of land warrantees and taxables. The 5th & 6th

series were issued between 1906 - 1914; they contain lists of Revolutionary War soldiers, deliberately

compiled as genealogical tools in response to repeated requests for information from military records.


A few McAninch and McNinch entries are found in the published Pennsylvania Archives, and listed

here with source citations and other relevant notes, if known; McIninch does not appear in their Index.


1. 1778:

McAninck [sic], Daniel, “free-holder” in Dublin Township, Bedford Co., May 11, 1778:


“To the Honerable the Executive Counsel … in Lancaster these are to certify that by a


number of freeholders of Bedford County, Dublin Township, James Carmichael was duly


elected and chosen candidate for said Township as a Justice of the Peace, Witness our


hands 11th day of May 1778. [(Signed) 27 names, “Daniel McAninck” 23rd name on list]


(Pennsylvania Archives, Sixth Series, Vol. 20, pg. 15-16, section on Bedford Co. history)


[Dublin Township established 1767, on the frontier, part of Cumberland Co. (organized


in former Indian lands?); Bedford County created in 1771, set off from Cumberland Co.;


land area of Dublin Township now in present-day Huntingdon County and Fulton County]


2. 1779:

McAninch, Daniel, taxed in Hamilton Township, Cumberland County, 100 acres, 1 horse,


2 cattle, 0 negroes (Third Series, Vol. 20, pg. 178, Cumberland Co. 1779, Hamilton Twp.)


[Hamilton Township created 1751, from Antrim Township (1741, from Hopewell Twp);


land area of Hamilton Township is now part of present-day Franklin County].


3. 178x:

McNinch, Patrick, five years on Northumberland County tax lists


McNinch, Patrick, Mahoning Township, no land, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 1783 Tax “17.1”


(Third Series, Vol. 19, pg. 564, Northumberland Co. 1783-1784).


McNinch, Patrick, Mahoning Township, no land, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 1784 Tax “1.2.9”  


(Third Series, Vol. 19, pg. 564, Northumberland Co. 1783-1784).


McNinch, Patrick, Turbutt Township, no land, 2 horses, 1 cattle, 0 sheep, 1785 Tax “1.8”


(Third Series, Vol. 19, pg. 588, Northumberland Co. 1785).


McNinch, Patrick, Turbutt Township, no land, 2 horses, and 3 cattle, 1786 Tax “1.6”


(Third Series, Vol. 19, pg. 673, Northumberland County 1786).


McNinch, Patrick, Chillisquaque Township, no land, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 1787 Tax “1.2”


(Third Series, Vol. 19, pg. 764 [not 674, error in index]).


[In 1790, Northumberland Co. included most of present-day north-central Pennsylvania,


including parts of present Armstrong, Clarion, Jefferson, Mifflin, Snyder, and Union Co.].


4. 1788:

McNinch, Samuel, taxed in Northampton Co., Lower Mount Bethel Township, 200 acres,


2 horses, 4 cattle, 1788 Tax “18.0” (Third Series, Vol. 19, p.372, Northampton Co., 1788)


[In 1790, Northampton County included most of present-day north-eastern Pennsylvania].



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