Tennessee, the Family of James Henry McAninch

by Frank McAninch, Kingsport, Tennessee


Roscoe C. McAninch, Sr., son of James Henry McAninch, Sr. (1857-1895) and Amanda M. Jones (1863-1936), was born January 8, 1888 in Bluff City, died October 23, 1956, in Kingsport, Tennessee. Roscoe had three brothers and two sisters: Carl Wilder McAninch, John Dollar McAninch, James Henry McAninch Jr., Ocie McAninch Hart, and Myrtle McAninch Roberson.


Roscoe married Alice E. Woods, born September 30, 1900, in Bluff City, Tennessee. Alice had four bothers and three sisters: Charlie Woods, Samuel Woods, Captain Woods, Walter Woods, Magga Woods Sams, Flora Woods Beasley, and Rachel Woods Palmer. Roscoe and Alice were married in Sullivan County, Tennessee, on 3 July 1918 by Reverend E. W. Mort.


Roscoe and Alice moved to Welch, West Virginia, where Rosco was employed as a foreman in the coal mines. There they had their first child, James McAninch. They remained there until 1921, at which time they came to visit two brothers of Alice, Captain Woods and Charlie Woods, who were merchants in Kingsport, Tennessee. They decided to settle here and extend and raise their family, as Kingsport appeared to be a very energetic and growing town with unlimited opportunities for themselves as well as their children. Rosco and Alice bought their first business, a general merchandise store, in Highland Park. They then later moved to Sullivan Street, Downtown Kingsport, where they constructed and operated a service station, general merchandise store, and rooming house.


This was the beginning of their many business ventures which continued until their deaths, at which time their children took over the management and operation of the business that includes McAninch Apartments, which is an extension of the original rooming house. McAninch Apartments is still in operation today and is one of the oldest family owned and operated business in Kingsport.


Roscoe and Alice had eleven children: James McAninch, Florence McAninch Chase, Kathyrn McAninch Hines, Myrtle McAninch Spivey, R.C. McAninch Jr., Eva McAninch, Herman McAninch, Betty McAninch Hensley, Bobby McAninch, Frank McAninch, and Connie McAninch Monday.


James McAninch, Florence Chase, and husband Charlie Chase, built and operated the Garden Basket and Model City Motel until their retirement in 1984. R.C. McAninch Jr. owned and operated McAninch Electric until his death in 1976. Herman McAninch owned and operated McAninch Market until his retirement in 1989. Connie Monday owns and operates Charmaines Lingerie. All the children have remained in Kingsport except Betty Hensley who lives in Jonesboro, Tennessee.


Alice McAninch was an active member of Bunker Hill Christian Church in Bluff City, Tennessee, until they settled in Kingsport, at which time she transferred her membership to the First Christian Church of Kingsport, of which she remained until her death. Rosco was a member of the First Baptist Church of Kingsport.


[pub. in book, "Families and Histories of Sullivan County, Tennessee, Vol. I, 1779-1992", number 1114 (one of two articles written by Frank McAninch)]


Next Step: Where was James Henry McAninch born (1857)? and who are his parents? Did he come down the valley, from south-western Pennsylvania?


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