Tennessee, 1840 Census: Two McAninch's [1840 Census Index, AIS, 1976]:

1. (index pg. 150)† McAminch, Henry† McNairy Co. 038† No Twp Listed

2. (index pg. 155)† McIninch, John†† ††Giles Co. p.098††† No Twp Listed



Samuel D. McAninch (1825-1869)

by Kathy McAninch, Houston, Texas


In writing about Samuel D. McAninch, [we] acknowledge the autobiography of Jessie May Ladd McAninch, his daughter-in-law. Also the assistance of his grand-daughter, Martha McAninch Hamm, who added detail to the autobiography that aided in researching the family of Samuel D. McAninch.


Samuel D. McAninch was born about 1825 in Tennessee, probably Giles County.

His father was possibly John McAninch. His mother's name is unknown. Samuel D. lived with his family in Tennessee. When the Indian lands in northern Mississippi came open to settlement, Samuel D. moved into the southern part of DeSoto County, Mississippi, as recorded on the 1850 census.


Samuel D. grew into manhood in Tennessee and moved into Mississippi for the opportunities there. He found a business partner in B.G. Ramey with whom he started a saw and grist mill in DeSoto County. It was while living in DeSoto County that the young Sarah J. Hartsfield of Panola County, Mississippi, caught his eye.


Sarah J. Hartsfield was the daughter of William S. Hartsfield of Georgia and wife, name unknown. Sarah was born about 1825 in Alabama. On October 26, 1846, Samuel and Sarah were married in DeSoto County, Mississippi, by the Justice of the Peace J. Bradley. Samuel and Sarah started their lives operating the mill and farming in DeSoto County. It was here that Samuel D. and Sarah started their family. We know their first child, Martha J. McAninch, was born around 1847, in DeSoto County, Mississippi. John William McAninch was born about 1849. The 1850 census listed Samuel's occupation as a miller.


By 1852, Samuel D. and family moved to Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. In January, 1852, a power-of-attorney was made giving attorney S. K. Connelly of DeSoto County, Mississippi, all authority to handle any business matters that may arise from the mill business partnership. Apparently Samuel D. was selling out his business.


The family settled in Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee, and Samuel found work. The 1854 Memphis City Directory recorded their residence as 22 Main Street. The family also increased with the arrival of their son, Samuel J. McAninch, on January 16, 1857, in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. By 1860, Samuel D. was manager at K.J.B.L. Winn's saw mill.


Troubled times, though, were brewing in the nation over states' rights. Memphis was located on the banks of the Mississippi River, and was considered vital by both sides of the conflict. By 1863, though, Memphis had come under the control of Union forces. The area continued to experience raids by the Confederates. This conflict had to have an impact on the family.


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