Miscellaneous info, and Nuggets from recent Correspondence:


Dubious Publishers: We all get the mail-order come-ons, from Bath, Ohio, Denver,

Colorado, etc.; Family Book has "The World Book of McAninches" ("first McAninch ...

came to Philadelphia in 1837 ... name was James"), and Family News Network has

"Three Centuries of McAninchs" (wonder how much they really have on "McAninch").

Recommendation: save your money.


Iowa, 1850 Census: "Samuel McAninch, 21, carpenter, b.Kentucky" [ca.1829?],

listed with John Ellyson family [boarder?], Cedar County, Iowa Twp, pg 88.

[possibly Samuel James McAninch, b. 1828, Casey County, KY, son of

Samuel McAninch and Polly Skidmore, later mar. Mary Jane Barker, 1858 (Iowa?)]


Kentucky, 1793: Jacob Boone, Limestone, holding ... letters that came down the

Ohio River on the packet boat: ... "John M'Ninch of Kentucky" ...; Kentucky Gazette,

Vol. VII, Number XIII, 14 December 1793, in book The Kentucky Gazette 1787-1800,

Genealogical and Historical Abstracts, by Karen Maurer Green, published 1983,

Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD.


Kentucky: Surprisingly, all "Early Marriages of Lincoln County" books,

Shirley Dunn et al, are wrong re "Samuel McAninch m. Catherine Carter".

In Lincoln County's own Court House index of "Mc" marriages, page 199, the 1812

entry "Joseph McCormack - Catherine Carter" is one line above the 1813 entry

"Samuel McAninch - Polly Skidmore". The marriage bonds and consent forms for

both marriages are clearly "McCormack", in 1812, and "McAninch" in 1813, although

the outer envelope is marked "McInch". Presumably, some earlier researcher made

a transcription error, which has been copied and re-copied over many years.

[these records verified on-site, at Lincoln County Court House, Stanford, Kentucky,

 June 1, 1994 /fm]


Kentucky, 1815: "Harrell, Jas., 1 Apr. 1815, [mar.] Dosha McIninch[sic],

Sur. [Surety] Chas. Carter"; [believe this is Laodieca (Rawson) McAninch, widow of

William (William died 1813)]; Pulaski County Marriage Records, 1851-1863, Book II,

pg. 128, pub. May 1974, Pulaski County Hist. Society, Somerset KY; from the Preface:

"Research of original bonds, 1797-1850, and rechecking of Court Records ...

resulted in the addition of bonds not in Court Records and additional information and

corrections for Book I." [I., 1797-1850]


Kentucky 1840 Census: McAninch, Jesse, Pulaski Co. KY 313, Pulaski City

[believe this Jesse McAninch is son of William and Laodieca, Wm.d.1813]


Missouri: Samuel McAninch –

"Samuel McAninch, who for forty-six years has been a resident of Cass County . . .

[forward reference: this paragraph about Samuel McAninch is now part of the article

 “McAninch in the History of Cass and Bates Counties, Missouri”, from the 1883 book;

 see McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. XVI No.1, January 2008, Page 2008-06]


McAninch Family History Newsletter Vol. II No. 4 December 1994 pg.3    page 1994-34


[original contents (except as noted); change font for online presentation (May 2003)]


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