Time Line, "McAninch" Events,

Early Lincoln / Pulaski / Casey Counties, Kentucky:

[forward reference: see “Daniel McAninch, Part II: From Pennsylvania, 1790, to Lincoln

 County, Kentucky”, McAninch F.H.NL Vol.IX No. 2 page 2001-11 (May 2003 /Frank)]


There were two McAninch families in early Lincoln / Pulaski / Casey Counties:


Husb: William McAninch


Husb: Daniel McAninch


Wife: Laodieca Rawson 


Wife: Unknown


Five known sons:


Five known sons [five, 1999 /fm]

1. James McAninch

(link below)

1. John McAninch 


2. Jonathan McAninch

b.1799 1789

2. Samuel McAninch


3. William McAninch


3. George A. McAninch


4. Samuel McAninch


4. Daniel (J.?) McAninch


5. Jesse McAninch


5. young son [? Henry]


    [son on 1810 and 1820 census (1999 /fm)]

    Forward Reference: James McAninch, link MFHN v.XXX n.2 p.12 (Nov. 2022 /fm)


Before 1765: Daniel (O.?) McAninch, and William McAninch, born before 1765.

[best info is William b. Pennsylvania Virginia (Ky.), Daniel b. Ulster, (N.) Ireland]


1778-1780: John McAninch, son of Daniel, born [Cumberland Co.?] Pennsylvania.


Before 1789: James McAninch, son of William, born "Kentucky" [Virginia].

1789: Jonathon McAninch, son of William, born in "Kentucky" [Virginia].


1789: Samuel McAninch, son of Daniel, b. Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.

[N.B. 1st of 2 Samuel (No Middle Initial) McAninch's, [this is] Samuel "Indiana" McA.]


1790: Daniel (O.?) McAninch, First Census, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.

[1790 Kentucky census lost in the War of 1812, burned by the British.]


1792: Kentucky was admitted as the 15th state, United States of America.


1794: George A. McAninch, son of Daniel, born [Lincoln County?] Kentucky.


1796: Daniel (J.?) McAninch, son of Daniel, b [Lincoln County?] Kentucky.


1797: McNinch, William, 1 White Male Over 21, 3 Horses, no Acres land

[Lincoln County Commissioner's Books, 1797, Book 1, page 16, entry 26]


Note 1797-1: William, born before 1765, "KY" [Virginia], age >= 32 years


Note 1797-2: no land Acreage shown here for William, no land claim yet?


1797-1800: James McAninch, son of William, born Kentucky. [rev. May 2003 /Frank]


1799: Jonathon McAninch, son of William, born in Kentucky. [rev. May 2003 /Frank]


1799: Pulaski County created, from parts of Green and Lincoln Counties.


1799: McNinch, Daniel, 1 White Male over 21, 1 White Male age 16-21, and 3 Horses

[Lincoln County Commissioner's Books, 1799, Bk 3, pg. 13, entry 8]


1799: Daniel McAninch claimed 200 acres on watercourse "Fishing Creek" in Lincoln County, Kentucky, and held this claim until 1802 [see 1802].

[Early Kentucky Landholders 1787-1811, James F. Sutherland, pg 212-213]


Note 1799-1: Daniel, born 1750-1755, Ulster, Ireland, age 44-to-49 years(?)


Note 1799-2: "1 White Male 16-21" prob. Daniel's first son John McAninch


1800: McAninch, Daniel, 1 White Male over 21, 1 White Male 16-21, and 3 Horses

[Lincoln County Commissioner's Books, 1800, Bk 3, pg 18, entry 15]


Note 1800-1: Commissioner's Book Number 3, by "John Jones, Commissioner"


McAninch Family History Newsletter Vol. II No. 3 August 1994 pg.3      page 1994-22


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