McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. II, Number 3, August 29, 1994


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Miscellaneous info [Iowa to Oregon, Pennsylvania]

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Our Feature This Month: McAninch in Early Kentucky

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The Editorís Corner


A giant "Thank You" to Marshall and Vivien McAninch, Richmond, Kentucky, mother Opal, and their son Frank, for a wonderful trip through historical Casey and Lincoln County areas. Cousin Lillian, from Oak Lawn, Illinois, my wife Jan, and I visited Kentucky in June to research land and marriage records, at Court Houses, Libraries, and the State Archives in Frankfort.


The known data is detailed in the "Time Line" presentation in this issue, with land survey, grant and sale records for Daniel, Samuel, and William. Of course, there is more work to be done. Gorge A. McAninch is buried in Old Willow Springs cemetery, lost among the weathered, un-readable stones (if Daniel died in Kentucky, about 1822, could he be buried here also?). Was there an Old Willow Springs church? Baptist? Presbyterian? And the land survey questions, "line of William McAninch"? Lots of open questions. 



Miscellaneous info and Nuggets from recent letters


McAninches Since The Civil War: An (incomplete) alphabetical listing of birth and death events (by State, no City/Town/County info) and residence addresses (probably same as Phone Disc). Recommendation: save your money.


Iowa to Oregon: Doyle McAninch, Newburg, Oregon, sent info on his line, William Butt McAninch, b. 1852, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Iowa, and Oregon.


Pennsylvania: John McAninch's wife "____ Jones" could be daughter of the Rachel Jones named in "1797 land agreement" [Rachel widow with land?].


Pennsylvania: "John McAninch - Barbara Shoup" marriage, early Armstrong County, Sugar Creek Twp; she was daughter of Frederick and Margaret Shoup, lived in Sugar Creek Twp. Frederick died 1815. So, which John McAninch?


Pennsylvania: Harold McAninch, Aurora, Colorado, sent info on William McAninch b. 1784, m. Isabel Hopkins, ten children, Jefferson County [future issue].


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