A Look at the Surname McAninch, and Where It Might be from in Ireland


"McAninch" is an unusual surname, and sometimes difficult to live with. There are many clues about our surname McAninch which point us first to Ulster Province, Northern Ireland, then specifically to County Antrim.




The Surname "McAninch" in the Irish Householder's Index, 1820's to 1860's


The "Irish Householder's Index" is a combined index to two tax records of the early 19th-century, microfilmed by The National Library of Ireland --


1. Griffith's Valuation Lists, date varies by County, 1848-1864 (named for the Englishman who was in charge of the survey), and


2. the earlier Tithe Applotment Books, circa 1827, to support the King's official Church of Ireland (Anglican, Church of England)


After examining the Index for all Counties of Ireland, it can be reported that our surname is only found at the Northern edge of Ireland, directly across the channel from Scotland, in Counties Antrim and (London)Derry, clustered around the coastal area where the county line runs to the sea.




Note: These two articles were updated and printed later, McAninch Family History Newsletter, Volume V, Number 2, May 1997, pages 11 to 16 (now referenced as pages 1997-11 to 1997-16).




McAninch Family History Newsletter Vol. II No. 2 May 1994 pgs. 4-6      page 1994-15


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