Miscellaneous info, and Nuggets from recent Correspondence:


Dubious Publishers: We all get the mail-order come-ons, from Bath, Ohio,

and other places; the latest I've seen is for "The McAninch Family News",

out of Denver, Colorado. Their letterhead says "McAninch", but the real

address is The Family News Network, which leaves one wondering how much

they really have specific to "McAninch". If anyone has any experience

with these people, good or bad, please let us know, and we'll pass it on.


Free Information: Northern Ireland, and United States "topo" maps --


Ulster: The Northern Ireland Tourist Board, 1-800-326-0036, will send information about tracing family roots in Ulster. Call them and ask.


United States (any State): The U.S. Geological Survey, 1-800-872-6277, will send free the "index" to their topographical survey maps for any State or U.S. possession. Their index is typically a pretty good map itself, along with ordering info for their 7-1/2 minute "topo" maps. This is a "voice-mail" line, listen to the questions, press '1' a few times, then tell which State(s) you want, with your name and address.


Maps: Speaking of maps, would like to recommend two excellent references


1. Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920, William Thorndale and William Dollarhide, 1987, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore;


2. A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland, Brian Mitchell, 1986/1988, also published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland


Ohio: In the 1850 Federal Census, Jackson County, Ohio --

"McAninch, Henry  age 73  b.PA"  [so, estimate DOB, born Abt 1776/1777]

  "        Mary       63    PA" 

Could this be same "Henry, lived in O." (one of the "three brothers" ?)


Ohio: Marriages in Pennsylvania, four records recently discovered --


1. 1876: "McAninch, Oliver P., to Cora Belle Morgan, both of Bridgeport, Belmont Co., Ohio, 12 Feb. 1876"


2. 1879: "McAninch, Annie M., to George A. Brook, both of Martins Ferry, Belmont Co., Ohio, 7 Sept. 1879"


3. 1882: "McAninch, Henry, to Cordelia Woods, both of Martins Ferry, Belmont Co., Ohio, 22 Feb. 1882"


4. 1883: "McAninch, Tokeah, to Solomon Douds, both of Martins Ferry, Belmont Co., Ohio, 23 Sept. 1883"


From the book "Marriage Records of Squires Issac and Joseph F. Mayes", compiled and published ( copyright 1978 ) by Helen L. Harriss, C.G., and Elizabeth J. Wall, 68 W. Prospect Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15205;


a. "... before 1885, Pennsylvania did not require a marriage license, so many weddings took place along the border; Isaac Mayes and his son Joseph kept good records, in West Alexander, PA (on the old National Road)" [and close to Belmont Co, Ohio, and Wheeling W.V.]


b. Part I, Marriage Records of Squire Issac Mayes, October 1811 to June 1844 [there are no McAninch/McIninch entries]


c. Part II, Marriage Records of Squire Joseph Finley Mayes [son of Isaac], West Alexander, [Washington Co.], Pennsylvania, May 1862 to February 1887; four "McAninch" entries, page 137


McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. II, No. 2, May 1994 pg. 2       page 1994-13


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