McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. II, Number 2, May 16, 1994


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Miscellaneous info, and Nuggets from recent Correspondence

page 1994-13

[Maps, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ulster]




Our Name “McAninch”, and Where It Might be from in Ireland

page 1994-15

The Surname “McAninch” in the Irish Householder's Index

page 1994-15

Note: These two articles were updated and printed later, McAninch Family

History Newsletter, Volume V, Number 2, May 1997, pages 1997-11 to 1997-16).



“Ohio portion” of the “Five Generation” chart, re-visited

page 1994-16



Our Feature This Month: McAninch in Ohio and West Virginia

page 1994-17



The Editor's Corner


Welcome to all our new friends and relatives, as we continue to be amazed at the large number of McAninch people being found, historical and today.


As stated herein before, the purpose of the newsletter, in addition to distributing McAninch genealogical information, is to get information on your own research, so we can continue to work together, to share both our break-throughs and dead-ends, and attempt to avoid duplication of effort. Personally, I'm working on Casey Co., KY, and south-western Pennsylvania, and hope to resume County Antrim / County Derry / Ulster research soon.


This newsletter will focus on genealogical information relevant to early McAninch lines, wherever we find them [Kentucky and Pennsylvania, maybe Virginia, and, hopefully, back to Ulster, Northern Ireland]. To protect the privacy of people who may be still living today, the birth info has been omitted for most of the 20th-century people in the charts.


Let me offer a word of caution and explanation of the "About xx/yy" DOB's in my printed charts. This is a "trick" with the PAF program, to prevent the "match/merge" logic from showing me every George, or every John, or every William McAninch.  When entering a new name, can usually guess at a ten-year range for DOB, based on:

1) parents marriage date, if known, or

2) parent(s) approximate ages, from their birth dates, and

3) child-order in the family (and 10 years is largest "Abt" range that PAF will accept).

When any real data is known, an "Abt" range is usually less than 10 years (e.g. "Abt 1782/1784").  Please recognize that the "About 10 years" DOB's are speculative estimates, to be upgraded when better dates become known.


Next issue -- Kentucky! (Pennsylvania, Ohio / West Virginia, Ulster?)


Thanks for your support, keep those cards and letters coming.


Queries -- want Queries from people researching 1700-1800's McA(I)ninch's, anywhere.


This Newsletter is Published by:

Frank McAninch, 17531 Montbury Circle,

Telephone: 714-846-5134

Huntington Beach, California 92649-4823

Permission hereby granted to copy freely for any non-commercial purpose.


McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. II, No. 2, May 1994, pg. 1       page 1994-12


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