Briefly, there were two distinct groups of McAninch's in Pennsylvania, the "western Pennsylvania" three brothers, John, Henry, and William, north of Pittsburgh, up the Allegheny River; and "south-central Pennsylvania", John and Daniel, Bedford, Cumberland, and (1790 Census) Westmoreland Counties. Nancy's description was: "Westmoreland Co. was kind of like a temporary stopping place for many people before going on elsewhere -- in this case, John went north to Armstrong Co. and Daniel went south-west to Kentucky."


Thanks also to Nancy for her recent ad in Genealogical Helper, looking for "Elizabeth McLain/McLean m. 1833 John McAninch lived Huntingdon Co. Penn, Ohio, Ind."; every mention of "McAninch" helps, and she's helped me a lot.


As stated in these pages before, the purpose of the newsletter, in addition to distributing McAninch genealogical information, is to get information on your own research, so we can continue to work together, and share both our break-throughs and dead-ends, in an attempt to avoid duplication of effort. Personally, I'll be working on Casey Co. KY and south-western Pennsylvania, and hope to resume the County Antrim / County Derry / Ulster research soon.


The plan of the newsletter is to focus on genealogical information relevant to early McAninch lines, wherever we find them [Kentucky and Pennsylvania, confirmed, and maybe the Virginia colony, before the Revolutionary War?]. I've done very little 20th Century research, and always try to protect the privacy of people who may be still living today; that's why the birth info has been omitted for the 6-, 7-, and 8-th level descendants in the charts.


Next issue -- Pennsylvania ?, Ohio / West Virginia ?, Kentucky ?, Ulster ?


Meanwhile, thanks for your support, keep those cards and letters coming.



Nuggets "mined" from recent letters, and replies to Kathy's ad in G.H.--


Iowa: Brooklyn, Poweshiek Co., info on Wesley Scott McAninch, b.1849 PA, and Andrew McGinley McAninch, b.1864 IN, their wives and children, and McAninch-Freming Funeral Home, Victor IA, by Pauline Kawamoto, Omaha NE.


Iowa, Civil War pension records:

1. George A. McAninch, b. 20 Jan. 1834, Pulaski Co. KY, enrolled 23 May 1864, Co. G, 46th Iowa Infantry;

2. Peter McAninch, b. 25 Jan 1841, Armstrong Co. PA, enrolled 8 Aug 1862, Co. I, 31st Iowa Vol. Inf., Andrew IA, died 10 Jun 1992, Hawarden IA;

3. George McAninch, b. 17 Feb. 1844, Armstrong Co. PA, enrolled 24 Sept. 1864, Co. B, 15th Regiment, Iowa Infantry; Mikki McAninch, Des Moines


North Dakota: Floyd McAninch, b. 28 Feb 1888 S. D., son of George McAninch, brothers John and Frank, no other info; Floyd m. Olive Morgan, 3 children Louise, Irene, and Lyle, who m. Louise Zoeller, now living Hawarden, Iowa


Ohio: In the Martins Ferry Ohio / Wheeling West Virginia area, descendants of George McAninch, b. 13 July 1864, Greene Co, PA, are planning a second Reunion, for Sunday, July 17, 1994; contact Helen Nagler, Yorkville, Ohio


Pennsylvania: Elk Co. Gazette, April 17, 1917, obituary of Mary Cashman, mentions daughter Mary (Mrs H.E. McAninch), relatives Mrs. G.W. McAninch, Mr and Mrs Edward McAninch of Brookville; Donald Feheley, Binghamton, NY


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