McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol.II, Number 1, February 22, 1994


 A clearing house for surname McAninch and related families

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Nuggets from recent letters, and replies to Kathy's G.H. ad

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[Iowa, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ulster]




A few colonial Virginia “teasers”

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McAninch in early Lincoln Co., Kentucky, Tax Books, 1787-1805

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Our Feature This Month: McAninch Trails through Tennessee

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William McAninch, Born About 1805, Lincoln County, Kentucky

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[not son] Samuel D. McAninch's line, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas

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His second [not third] son's line, Elias B., Mississippi and Texas

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His third [not fourth] son's line, John Forrest McAninch, Texas

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And our latest Tennessee branch, Frank McAninch, Kingsport

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The Editor’s Corner


Welcome to all our new friends and relatives, and I continue to be amazed at the large number of McAninch's out there across this great land of ours.


Greetings from "shakey-town" -- being 40 miles from a 6.8 quake is really scary, and was a whale of a good ride (heck, people in other parts of the country pay good money at amusement parks for that kind of thrill ride!). Fortunately, all we lost was some glassware and some sleep, whereas damage was pretty bad in L.A., San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, and Simi areas.


When planning for any kind of disaster, fire, flood, quake, tornado, etc., recognize the need to have multiple back-up copies of your important data, especially the genealogical data base you've worked on for years and years. I've always stashed an extra three copies in my office at work, in Anaheim; now I'm sending GEDCOM diskettes out-of-state, if home and work both crash.


Mea culpa, mea culpa. My Pennsylvania geography is not what it should be, and there were some significant mistakes in the last newsletter, including a goof merging (smashing?) three separate William's into one (William A-2). This is the Nike "Just Do It" style of journalism, with the Pennsylvania information to be corrected in the near future; meanwhile, there's some new Pennsylvania data in this issue below, and we need your continued response.


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