Our feature presentation -- McAninch's in Early Pennsylvania


Wow, there are quite a few, many more than I previously imagined! With a lot of help from our friends (especially Nancy and Mikki for Pennsylvania info in this issue), we present 14 family groups and descendants, listed more-or-less in chronological order, by the patriarch's date of birth.


For reference, each tree is lettered, A, B, C, D..., and the individuals in each tree grouping are presented in an indented descendancy chart format. Of course, we can speculate that some of these may be separate sightings of the same individual (how many different John McAninch's were there?).


A "mini-index" to the occurrences of various first names follows:



B.2., E.1., E.3., G.1., M.1., M.2.

[6 Alexander's]



[1 Archibald]


C.1., C.2

[2 Daniel's]


B.1.sp.(?), E.3., E.2., H.1.sp, H.2., I.1., K.(?), M.1.sp, M.2.



[8 or 9 Elizabeth's]


A.3., A.4., B.2., C.2., E.4.

[5 George's]


E.3., H.2.

[1 Harriet]


A.1., A.2., A.3 (and E.3., William Henry)

[(2) 3 or 4 Henry's]


A.5., A.4., E.2., E.3., G.2.("J.A."?), M.2.("Hugh James"), N.1.



[6, 7 or 8 James]


A.1., A.2., A.3., B.2., C.2., D.1., E.3., E.2., G.2., H.1., J.1.,K.1.



[12 (11) John's]


A.3., D.3.

[2 Lewis]


A.2.sp., E.3., E.2.

[3 Margaret's]



[1 Martha]


A.3.sp., D.2.sp., E.3., G.1.sp.

[4 Mary's]



[1 Robert]


A.3., C.2., D.5

[3 Samuel's]


A.3., H.3., H.4.

[3 Sylvester's]


A.1., A.2., A.3., B.1., B.2., D.2., D.5., E.3., E.2., G.2. and L.1.



[11 (10) William's]


We begin with the three early pioneers [three brothers], Henry, John, and William


A. 1 - Henry McAninch          Born – 1777 [Bef 1765]

[forward reference: see “Henry McAninch, 1777-?1856” (sewing sampler) article, McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. VI, No. 3, pg. 1998-24 (rev. May 2003 /fm)]


A. 1 - William McAninch        Born – 1770-1775 [Bef 1765]

       1804: "...[land] on which William McAnninch[sic] was the original

             settler, who was assessed with 400 acres, in 1804 and 1805",

             History of Armstrong Co., PA, by R.W. Smith, 1883, pg. 554;

             and "North Buffalo Township ... first settled around 1795,

             some of its pioneers included ... William McAnninch [sic]",

             Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Quarterly, Aug. 1980,

             Vol. 7, No. 1, Armstrong County townships, history

       1830: census index "MCANNICH, WILLIAM  ARMS[strong]  262  BUFFALO"

       183?: "... sold 21 acres and 13 perches of the south-eastern part

             to William McAninch for building him a barn, which Margaret

             McAninch, surviving administratrix of her husband's estate,

             conveyed to Gabriel P. Lobeau, December 30, 1837, for $120."

             History of Armstrong Co., PA, by R.W. Smith, 1883, pg. 499

       1836: "died ca Dec 1836, widow Margaret" [Nancy Emery]

   sp- Margaret Maiden_Name_Unknown


McAninch Family History Newsletter Vol. I No. 4 November 1993 pg.2      page 1993-18


[original contents (except as noted); change font for online presentation (May 2003)]


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