After a trip to the local library, to fill in a time-line perspective on the battles in

William Harrison McAninch's record, interspersed with some historical notes, from

the book, "The Civil War in the American West", by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., published

in 1991, by Alfred Knopf, New York –

[May 21, 1861]: W. H. McAninch enlisted M.S.G., at Pleasant Hill, Mo.

[August 10, 1861]: battle of Wilson's Creek, south of Springfield, Mo.

[Dec. 1861]: "Marching briskly under the blue flag of Missouri rather than the Stars

  and Bars of the Confederacy, "Old Pap" Price, as his pro-Southern Missouri troops

  knew him, led his high-spirited columns up the west side of the state to the Sac River

  near Osceola. There, many of his men, whose enlistments [in] the Missouri State

  Guard had expired, left him to return to their homes for the winter." (page 334)

[March 17-18, 1862]: battle of Pea Ridge, near Bentonville, Arkansas

[1862]: "On August 11, guerrillas, led by Hughes, Thompson, Hays, and Quantrill,

  captured most of the Federal Army garrison at Independence, and five days later

  [Aug. 16, 1862] another partisan group overwhelmed a Union force in a savage,

  house-to-house fight at Lone Jack." (pg 358)

  [with "another group" at Lone Jack, was he with Quantrill in Kansas?]

[August 21, 1863]: Quantrill sacks Lawrence, Kansas, kills 150 (pg 373)

[September 1864]: "Near Waverly, Quantrill's raiders, who had had a falling out

  with their chief and were now led by George Todd, were greeted [by Gen. Price's

  Army of Missouri, C.S.A.] and assigned to [General Jo] Shelby's [cavalry] division

  as scouts." (page 380)

[1865]: "Jo Shelby, the most diehard of rebels, never did give up. Crossing the

  Rio Grande with several hundred followers, he spent two years in self-imposed exile

  in Mexico before returning to Missouri, where he resumed farming." (page 385)

  [did W.H. come back to Missouri with Shelby? Before him? Or after?]

And today, in July, 1993, (one of) General Jo Shelby's battle flag(s), which was

never surrendered, is on display in the Confederate Memorial at the Oklahoma

Historical Society building, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


DESCENDANT CHART - William McAninch, of Kentucky

5 Jul 1993

1 - William McAninch (Ky.)                                     

       Born -  KY,  Died - Between 15 Feb 1813 and 26 Jul 1813, Casey, KY

 sp- Ladisha Rawson           Born -      KY                  

     2 – James McAninch       Born - Not 1796-1800 KY   

     Forward Reference: James McAninch, MFHN v.XXX n.2 p.12 (Nov. 2022 /fm)

     2 - Jonathan McAninch    Born - 1793 1799-1800 KY [1799-1800, ’99/fm]

     sp- Tolitha Turpin       Born - 1798/1799 KY           

                 Mar. - 1821, Died - Jun 1890 Jackson, MO   

         3 - James H. McAninch                               

                 Born - Abt 1825 1829 KY,  Died - 1904      [1829, ’99/fm]

         sp- Joanne V. Smith  [not Mattie McAninch(maiden name unknown)]

             4 – David R. McAninch         4 – Suda ‘Sissy’ McAninch

             4 – John William McAninch     4 – Telitha E. ‘Lucy’ McAninch

             4 – Susan E. McAninch         4 – Josephine McAninch 

             [Note: updated wife and children, March 2011 /Frank McAninch]

         3 – William Harrison McAninch        

               Born – 10 Feb 1836 Danville, Casey, KY  

               Died – 21 Sep 1928 Peculiar, Cass, MO   

         sp- Julia Ann Hon            Born – 10 Feb 1845 Bath, KY

               Mar. – 18 Oct 1866,    Died -  5 Sep 1905 Belton, Cass, MO


McAninch Family History Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 3, August 1993 pg.6      page 1993-13

[original contents (except as noted); change font for online presentation (May 2003)]


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